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The Advantages of Clear Braces



In the past, the thought of having to get braces was something that no one looked forward to. Although the benefits of having braces were clear, many potential patients were reluctant to undergo the procedure because of the cosmetic appearances. Just the thought of having wires and metal brackets in the mouth was enough to turn the most robust adult into a scared, timid five-year-old child.

Introducing Clear Braces

Most people, when they find out they may be potential patients for braces, usually associate this with embarrassment and being made fun of. After all, a smile is often the first thing that you recognize when you meet another person, and most people don’t want this to be associated with a mouth full of metal. Clear braces, when worn, are virtually invisible and can be removed at any time by the wearer. Not only are these types of braces more cosmetically appealing, they do just as good a job, if not better, at straightening teeth as conventional braces.

Straight teeth are an essential part of maintaining good overall oral health as they allow fewer gaps in the teeth for food to become trapped within. Teeth that have wide gaps enable food to be caught between them, and that eventually spawns bacteria that destroy not only the gums but also the enamel of the teeth.

Supported by Dentists

If you have been recommended for braces by your dentist, you should consider clear braces as an option to conventional metal braces. Clear braces are supported 100% by the dental professionals everywhere as one of the best procedures that can be used to straighten teeth while also promoting good oral hygiene. These braces have redefined what it means to have your teeth straightened. Not only will they straighten your teeth, but they will also give you a vibrant and healthy smile that is sure to make others envious.

Advantages of clear braces

  • easily removable by the wearer allowing easy access for brushing and flossing
  • minimal food buildup and spaces between the gums and teeth
  • no embarrassing feelings of wearing them as they are virtually invisible
  • increased oral hygiene over metal braces
  • straighten teeth effectively and in less time than metal braces
  • more comfortable to wear than metal braces

One thing that should be noted is that certain foods are not recommended to be consumed with clear braces or conventional metal braces. In addition to the foods you should not consume when wearing metal braces, clear braces have an additional listing of foods that may stain them, and it is not recommended that you do so. The following food and beverages may stain clear braces:

    • coffee
    • strawberries
    • tea
    • dark-colored sodas


    • red wine


    • cranberry juice


  • popsicles
  • tomato sauce

This list is by no means inclusive of every food that may stain your new braces. You should be aware of which foods you’re eating and make frequent observations to ensure that they are not straining your braces. Clear braces are a comfortable and discreet way for you to straighten your teeth without compromising the appearance of your smile. Not only will you be able to straighten your teeth with these braces, but you will also improve your oral hygiene as well as your overall health.