Metal or Clear Braces – Which is the Best?

As well as looking unsightly; misaligned teeth can also cause problems connected to jaw pain and the irregular wearing of teeth. Traditionally, the dental braces which have been used to correct this problem have been made from a dark metal, making them not only uncomfortable, but also highly visible. Because of this, many people have simply refused to wear them, and who can blame them perhaps. The choices now though are considerably wider than they used to be and there are a great number of adult braces now available which are much more comfortable as well as discreet.

The positive thing about metal braces though is that they are actually quite effective and do the job pretty well. Whether this is a sufficient pay off for people probably depends on an individual perspective. There are other pitfalls to them though as they can’t be removed for cleaning or whilst eating and therefore often trap food particles, which are not removed by brushing (not easy whilst wearing braces); this can cause decay of the teeth and possible extraction later on.

Modern Orthodontics

This brings us nicely to one of the best modern orthodontic treatments which gets nicely around that problem. Invisalign as they are known by their trade name is a form of invisible brace that is made up of a number of transparent medical grade plastic trays. Each of these is designed specifically for the individual and is worn over the teeth. Each is worn for a period of a few weeks and then removed before adding the next tray which will push the teeth just a little further into position. This process continues until the teeth are in their desired position. In addition to this, they are easily removed whilst eating and for cleaning the teeth so there is no real risk of food becoming trapped.

Disadvantages of Invisalign So, where is the disadvantage, I can hear you ask. Well, the major two disadvantages of this type of treatment are that it takes over a year and sometimes two or three, for the treatment to fully take effect. It is also one of the most expensive methods available.

The Six Month Smile

The latest orthodontic treatment which is becoming ever popular is the Six Month Smile; so called because it takes only an average of six months for the procedure to be effective. Unlike the Invisalign product though it is not removable and in fact works on a very similar basis to traditional braces. So, why are people using it?

The answer is simple, apart from the very fast treatment period, which is ideal for those seeking to have their teeth straightened for a specific date such as a wedding, it actually costs about half of what Invisalign does, and if that isn’t a bargain then I don’t know what is.

Even though it works in a similar manner to traditional braces, both the brackets and the wiring are made from a lightweight material in a tooth colour to match your own. This makes it significantly more discreet. The brackets too are much smaller than on traditional braces which are an additional bonus. It manages its fast speed by working only on the visible front teeth and is not used on the rear teeth.

There is no doubt that traditional metal braces are on their way out but new orthodontic methods which are more discreet will hopefully encourage us all to have our crooked teeth corrected.

The Six Month Smile treatment is now available at The Ealing Dental Practice.

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