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How Do Anchorage Dentists Treat Cracked Teeth?



A cracked tooth is essentially an incisor that has been fractured, split, or broken. Such wear and tear can happen to the outer covering or the insides of the tooth due to a variety of reasons. In such circumstances, the experts follow a series of steps to detect and treat the problem.


The first step that every dentist takes is diagnosing the problem by examining the patient’s symptoms.  The doctor has to discount a variety of other factors, such as cavity, abscess, cracks in a filling, alignment trouble, and the like, before diagnosing a patient with a fractured tooth. Generally, if some other issue is established, the signs can be put down to that. However, if the signs persist after the problem has been treated, then the patient is identified as experiencing a cracked tooth.


At Home:

There is no way to treat a cracked tooth at home. However, certain things can be done to avoid further damage and pain:

  • Rinse the mouth with warm water.
  • Put pressure on the bleeding areas for about seven minutes or till the bleeding stops. If applying pressure does not work, then use a tea bag with force on the region to end the bleeding.
  • Put a cold pack to the lips or cheek over the cracked tooth. This will assist in reducing puffiness and ease pain.
  • Use an over-the-counter pain killer.


The treatment used by the dentist to take care of a cracked tooth depends on the intensity of the problem. In case,

  • It’s only the tooth cusp that is affected; then treatment will entail abstraction of the damaged area, followed by a filling.
  • If more than one cusp is broken, then the expert makes use of crowns. However, if the cosmetic dentist Anchorage feels that a crown is the only method to treat the cracked tooth, then he will first check whether the tooth needs a root canal.
  • For a permanent solution, veneers may be customized and fixed on your teeth.
  • A special sedative dressing is sometimes used to treat the problem.

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