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Common Skin Care Problems And Their Solutions



As the protective outer shell of our body, our skin has to bear a lot. The surrounding atmosphere (sunlight and dust particles), mishaps (cuts and infections), and the use of wrong chemicals on your skin (moisturizers and cleansers) might leave the delicate organ of your body under constant assault. If you top that with the stress, and gym sessions that leave your epidermis all sweaty, your body exterior is bound to show a negative reaction. Thus, proper and constant skincare is a must.

Whenever you feel that you have crossed one hurdle, there might be another one right there to cause you discomfort, which tells you the need for constant care. This doesn’t mean that you cannot have a flawless exterior. However, what you must understand is that it requires a lot of effort from your part.

Acne Breakouts

Acne is one of the most irritating skin issues that one can face. In addition to raging hormones, stress, humidity, steroid use, and heavy sweating can lead to the formation of those red bumps on your body. Even if you were eating a perfect diet and following impeccable personal hygiene, these flare-ups would turn up on your skin. There have even been cases when acne has gotten worse due to washing your face too often.


Since it is a medical condition it is recommended that you have medical treatment from a reputable skin specialist. They can help you identify the reason behind the flare-ups on your skin and give you advice based on professional analysis. In case you don’t want to get treated by a doctor, using over-the-counter cleansing cream containing 5 percent benzyl-peroxide twice a day is a good option.


Expose your skin to direct UV radiation and you will damage your skin. If you have lesser amounts of melanin in your skin, the substance that gives skin its pigment, sunburn is bound to happen.


To prevent it from happening, use sunscreen or wear hats and sunglasses before going out in the sun. However, if you were not able to prevent it, the next best thing is to treat it. Using supplements containing Vitamin E twice a day will help your skin heal.

Crow’s Feet

These are a type of facial wrinkles that appear around the eyes. These wrinkles start developing and expanding at the corner of your eyes once you start to age. Regular use of a moisturizer is crucial.


Many experts believe that patting oil eyes around the eyes regularly before going to sleep is beneficial.

Spider Veins

This is a skin problem that involves red lines on your skin due to broken capillaries around your chin and nose region. The chief cause is changing weather and stressful conditions that have an impact on your skin.


Makeup products, designed for covering redness, may provide a temporary solution to the problem. However, if you are looking for a permanent solution, you can opt for either dermabrasion or laser treatments. Both treatment procedures are not too painful and they take only about half an hour.


This is a skin condition that causes skin redness and flushing. People who have rosacea have very sensitive skin. It reacts to the presence of the mildest amount of chemicals in cleansers and moisturizers.


Prescription drugs are needed to treat rosacea. However, it is important to follow precautions so that the condition does not flare up again. It might be something in your diet or a skincare product that is causing the flare-ups. Limit your skin’s exposure to the sun. If chemicals are the cause you should opt for natural skin care products.

A good skin care regimen is usually all that is necessary to keep your skin looking and feeling good. But this involves proactive steps on your part, including a healthy diet, regular exercise, and use of sunscreen.