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4 Skin Conditions That Can Be Treated by Losing Weight and a Healthy Lifestyle



4 skin conditions that can be treated by losing weight and a healthy lifestyle

The healthy lifestyle has become increasingly popular in recent years. As more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of good, clean and sustainable eating, they are also taking their first steps towards a world with fewer diseases. While weight loss is an important end game here, the prospect of an overall improved well-being is also notable.

The Conditions and Their Treatment

It’s no secret that what you eat is reflected on your skin, but did you know that dieting and losing weight can actually treat various conditions of the epidermis? Here are four main ones, together with what you need to eat and avoid curing and even preventing them.

1.      Acne

Over the years, many studies have investigated the complex relationship between diet and acne. According to the US National Library of Medicine, millions of young adults are affected by this skin disorder, which makes it the most common affliction of its kind.

It is widely accepted that bacteria, hormones and excess sebum are the main culprits behind the onset of acne. However, research now places dairy products and refined sugars on the list of suspects. While the former is on there due to hormones added to cow’s milk, the latter stimulates insulin production, which in turn promotes oil glands to produce sebum.

Your skin will thank you for removing these damaging elements from your diet, and so will your fitness goals. Unfortunately, you may need to deal with the aftermath. Acne scars and hyperpigmentation spots are rather frequent. A homemade face scrub for glowing skin is a cheap and accessible solution.

Also, there are quite a few foods that help treat acne due to their high zinc contents, a known anti-inflammatory substance. These include lentils, chickpeas, and oysters. There are many delicious ways to include them in your healthy meals, so get started right now.

2.      Eczema

Eczema is one of the many skin conditions triggered by the foods you choose to eat. It is a reaction that occurs when the body ingests various proteins it is allergic or sensitive to. The most common culprits are dairy, soy, eggs, and gluten. By eliminating these from your diet, you will not only eradicate the risk of developing this affliction again, but you will also lose weight.

However, if you are particularly prone to this affliction and want to reduce risks to the minimum, hemp seeds are your best bet. Their high gamma-linolenic acid (also known as GLA for short) content helps reduce inflammation, thus alleviating eczema and promoting the healing process.

3.      Rosacea

Many people with sensitive skin struggle with rosacea. While this can appear on any part of the body, most of those affected by it usually find that the complexion is more prone than anything else. A lot of foods trigger this reaction, including beneficial ones such as hot peppers. However, one main offender is represented by chemical-filled hot sauces and other spicy dips.

By removing these from your diet, not only will you eliminate the risk of rosacea, but you will also cut back on processed edibles, which is an important step in the weight loss process. And to achieve the best results possible, probiotics such as kombucha or kimchi are your worthiest ally. They will help you get thin and calm rosacea at the same time.

4.      Melanoma

The most dangerous condition on this list, melanoma is the number one deadliest form of skin cancer. But a Mediterranean-style diet consisting of fish, olive oil, tomatoes, leafy greens and plenty of fruit might just be a delicious and healthy way to prevent it.

A recent study conducted in Italy has shown that this type of meal plan is effective in protecting the epidermis against melanoma. Thanks to the antioxidants found in many of the aforementioned foods, the chemical reactions leading to sun damage are blocked. And, on top of that, the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish keep the skin youthful and elastic for longer.


While the link between losing weight and treating skin conditions isn’t a direct one, it has been demonstrated that a lot of heavy or unhealthy foods are behind the development of afflictions such as acne or eczema. Thus, by excluding them from your meals, you will not only prevent these conditions but also improve your well-being and become slimmer.

Processed condiments such as sauces or dips, alongside heavier ingredients such as eggs, dairy and soy are not only bad for your figure but for your skin as well. Choose to live better and eat better by avoiding them at all costs.