Top Four Reasons Why Everyone Should Wear Sunglasses

1. UV Protection

Everyone knows that sunglasses are important because they shield your eyes from the dangerous rays of the sun. It is essential to choose sunglasses with lenses that offer protection against ultraviolet rays. Filtering UV rays is the most important reason to have at least a minimum of one pair of sunglasses. However, most people realize that a second pair of glasses can come in handy for one of many reasons. A spare pair can be a real eye-saver if you break, lose or misplace your sunglasses. Keeping a pair in your car, purse or briefcase is an excellent way to ensure that you have the means to protect your eyes whenever the need arises. There are plenty of inexpensive, affordable sunglasses that will do the trick so there is no reason ever to get stuck without eye protection.

2. Debris Protection

Sunglasses are a stylish way to keep airborne dirt, dust or debris from entering your eyes and causing irritation. You don’t have to stand in the middle of a dust storm to get dirt in your eyes. A sudden gust of wind blowing across a parking lot or a picnic site can turn fine grains of sand into miniscule missiles that head right for your unprotected eyes. A simple pair of sunglasses can help deflect whatever debris the wind throws at you and keep you more comfortable whether you are at the beach or a baseball game. Wearing a pair of sunglasses whenever you spend time outdoors can keep those unwanted particles from lodging in your sensitive eyes and ruining the day.

3. Wind Protection

Wind can really dry out your eyes and make them feel gritty and painful. A pair of sunglasses can certainly help make a difference by helping to prevent the breeze from removing the moisture from your eyes. If you are going to be outdoors for any length of time, you can benefit from protecting your eyes with the right shades. The best thing about the right pair of sunglasses is that you can keep your eyes safe from UV rays, debris and wind all with the same pair of shades. The expression “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” applies here. It is better to prevent your eyes from drying out in the first place than to try to rehydrate them with eye drops after it’s too late.

4. Glare Protection

Glare from the sun reflected off mirror-like surfaces can be blinding when you are driving, boating, skiing or performing any other outdoor activity near water, snow, ice or any other reflective surfaces. Polarized sunglasses provide extra protection against distracting glare. So, whether you are driving near water or snow, fishing on a boat or from the shoreline, skiing, ice skating or lounging by the pool, make sure your sunglasses have polarized lenses, which will make it easier to see clearly, stay comfortable and enjoy any outdoor activity without being blinded by the glare from the sun. With polarized lenses, you never need to use the excuse “The sun got in my eyes.”

Article was written by Tracey, a copywriter for Miami Wholesale Sunglasses. She likes to write about celebrities, fashion trends, and other related topics.

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