Varicose Veins Treatment Procedures


Varicose veins is a condition that is caused by the swelling of the veins in the lower leg, which then widen or extend. The condition can be a nightmare and cause a lot of pain mostly for women; a few men can also be affected. Sufferers of this condition will notice a change in colour in the area underneath the skin; this colour can vary from pink, purple, black or red lines. It might also cause blood clotting.  These veins are usually found on the back of the thighs or calves.  The cause of the varicose veins condition remains a mystery, but it is often attributed to improper blood circulation.

There are several methods that have been used to provide remedy for people suffering from this condition. One of the most popular is known as sclerotherapy, which involves the use of a special solution that is inserted into the veins. This solution contains sodium chloride, which is responsible for collapsing the protrusion on the bulgy vessels. This procedure however, does not work on all types of varicose veins and can have mild side effects such as swelling and inflammation, but these disappear after the veins returns to their normal size.


Microphlebectomy is another procedure that is used to provide a cure for varicose veins. During the treatment, an incision is made on the twisted and swollen veins and pulls them apart. This type of procedure is highly recommended for correcting large veins as they are easier to pull apart compared with smaller ones. The incisions made do not require stitches as they are tiny. Prior to the treatment, the doctor will perform a physical examination and go through the patient’s medical history. The method is simple and effective and can be done without the patient being placed under general anesthesia. This procedure can however cause minor bleeding and bruising.

Recently, treating varicose veins with laser technology has gained popularity because of its effectiveness and affordability. The operation is conducted by an experienced surgeon who utilises laser lights to boost blood circulation in the veins and thus get rid of the blood clots that cause varicose veins. The use of the laser treatment is painless and is over within minutes. Moreover, it provides a permanent solution against the varicose veins compared to other procedures.

Varicose veins can be quite painful and prevent you from conducting your daily activities. Therefore, it is advisable that you seek professional help if you suffer from this condition. If you are considering varicose veins treatment in Yorkshire, Berkshire or any hospital throughout the UK, speak with a doctor to discuss the treatments that are on offer.


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