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5 Reminders To Stop Breaking Your Personal Hygiene Standards



What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you see someone with their hands down their pants? I bet you’re not wondering if they managed to scratch their itch, but more likely how disgusting they are and that you never want to shake their hand. Some people have no manners and it is getting worse. They seem to think personal hygiene is a joke these days. There’s nothing wrong with looking after yourself no matter what you see on the street.

It’s easy to pick up bad habits when you are outside the comfort of your own home. People weren’t taught the same manners as you and when you see everyone else doing something it leaves an impression on you. After you’ve seen a large number of people doing the same thing you might think it’s normal.

That’s when you start breaking your own personal hygiene standards and doing things you would have thought was disgusting in the past. Let’s look at some of the things some people don’t care about.

Having clean hands

Think about all the things your hand comes into contact with during the day. They are all going on your face and in your mouth when you don’t bother to wash your hands before you eat your dinner or brush your teeth. Any time your hands are near your face you need them to be clean. This includes washing them after you have done the toilet. I know you don’t forget, but there’s a huge number of people that do and then shake your hand.

Keeping things in your body

I’m talking about snot and spit, you can still go to the toilet. How often do people spit everywhere on the ground? There is no need and it’s something they should try to keep in their mouth. The same goes for picking your nose in public. If you want something out of there then do what normal people do and blow it. One last thing that’s pretty horrible is sneezing in someone’s general direction, so cover your face when you’re about to let one go.

Don’t skimp on oral hygiene

We’ve all had too much to drink and went to bed without cleaning our teeth, but you’re not a baby anymore so you can’t expect someone to do it for you. If you repeatedly stop caring for your oral hygiene people won’t want to sit next to you because your mouth will stink. Your teeth will eventually fall out far too early and you won’t want to open your mouth unless it’s to eat. This can all be prevented by brushing your teeth twice per day.

Protect your feet

When you are ever walking about in communal areas you want to keep something on your feet. People have nasty infections on their feet and they don’t care who catches it off them. You won’t be able to find out you’ve caught anything until it’s too late. It’s not exactly hard to keep shoes or flip flops on in certain areas. Either that or you can go around inspecting people’s feet before you stand where they’ve been walking.

Keep yourself clean

Everyone should wash every day. If you’re at home you don’t have any excuse not to have a shower or bath, except maybe if you’re water isn’t working. When you start spending a lot of time in your own stink it’s not nice for other people to be anywhere near you. That also goes for clothing and if you’re not changing your underwear and t-shirt every day you need to ask yourself some serious questions.