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The Six Best Books To Read If You Want To Know More About Caring For Your Teeth



With so many books on the market for proper dental care, we’ve put together a list of a broad range of works by different authorities on how to properly care for your teeth. It includes everything from books by dentists themselves to homeopathic advice and even recommendations by physicians on where to receive dental treatment abroad.

Kiss your Dentist Goodbye (By Ellie Phillips, DDS)

Dr. Ellie Phillips’s aim in this book is to teach just about anyone how to properly maintain a healthy mouth. The book advocates a daily routine to follow to maintain proper dental hygiene. It provides little things you can do that contribute to reducing plaque buildup, improve the strength of tooth enamel, as well as deal with minor problems such as small cavities and tooth sensitivity.

Phillips also explains the risks with common practices such as bleaching your teeth, the dangers that come with sealants, and how fluoride can be used incorrectly. These are just a few examples of products she covers that inhibit proper dental health. With a combination of practical advice from a dentist as well as recommendations as to what to avoid, “Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye” provides a great preventative guide for any household. Of course, Dr. Phillips doesn’t advocate not going to your dentist as the title may suggest, being a dentist herself.

Cure Tooth Decay (Ramiel Nagel)

Ramiel Nagel offers a traditional approach to the age-old issue of tooth decay and cavities in this book. He advocates a natural healing approach instead of having to resort to expensive means of using fillings, crowns, root canals, etc. Nagel bases the book on the nutritional program established by Dr. Weston Price, the former head of the National Dental Association. Dr. Price’s program was shown to be as high as 95 percent effective in remineralizing teeth with cavities simply with changes in nutrition and diet. The book itself is the culmination of five years of research. Nagel’s book offers a convincing take on resorting to dental treatments when necessary, and how to take advantage of money-saving alternatives.

The Medical Tourism Travel Guide (Paul Gahlinger, MD Ph.D.)

Dr. Paul Gahlinger gives an interesting take on tackling both health and dental problems in his medical tourism guide. The idea of medical tourism is nothing new, with the cost of health and dental care rising, thousands of Americans go abroad for treatments annually. This ranges from heart surgery in India to have your wisdom teeth removed in Mexico. The book reviews hundreds of institutions (i.e. clinics, hospitals, spas, etc.) in 50 countries. It also offers practical advice on what you should do, things to avoid, the safest way to travel, and the best means to pay for the service. Dr. Gahlinger himself is not only a physician, but he is also a hospital director and professor of public health. Through this book, you don’t have to use referral services and can make arrangements yourself. Everything from phone/fax numbers to addresses is included, making this guide extremely comprehensive.

Homeopathy and Home Dental Care (Rudi Verspoor)

There are plenty of reasons people resort to using homeopathic methods of dental care. Examples might be if you wish to avoid a trip to the dentist for whatever reason if you have a lack of insurance, or just want to save money. In Verspoor’s book, he tries to give readers the knowledge to care for their gums and teeth using all-natural remedies instead of having to resort to a trip to their dentist. The benefits claimed in the book include the time and money you would have spent at the dentist’s office. Along with homeopathic remedies, the text informs about what is necessary to simply maintain proper oral health in the first place.

The Dental Hygienist’s Guide to Nutritional Care (Cynthia Stegeman & Judi Davis)

This book offers a more textbook take, primarily geared towards students or practicing dental hygienists. However, the content itself can be incorporated to help anyone’s lifestyle and diet for the sake of maintaining proper dental health. The book itself is written by a group of both leading dental hygienists as well as dietitians for a balanced approach. You have access to the information and advice hygienists are given regarding nutrition, as well as dietary concerns such as bottled vs. tap water, or the impact of high protein in one’s diet. For those looking for a more academic side to dental advice, this book offers tangible advice you can act on.

Reversing Gum Disease Naturally (Candra Senzon, R.D.H.)

Dental hygienist Sandra Senzon addresses the most common oral health issue Americans face in this book. In it, she explains the process in preventative measures as well as how to reverse gum disease through natural treatment. She also delves into the causes of the disease, including those such as diet, stress, and medical conditions (i.e. diabetes). Following the at-home steps, she suggests can help you deal with and prevent gum disease ranging from mild gingivitis to more advanced forms of periodontal disease. Senzon even includes a section for parents on how to better help their children engage in good oral hygiene practices. With these strategies and tips, Senzon’s book can help you turn around and improve the condition of your gums.