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What Makes The Health Products At Praza Health Special?



What makes the health products at praza health special?

Praza Health has created a number of powerful dietary and personal care products. What makes these products unique is the emphasis on using clinically proven ingredients and an emphasis on natural formulas.

Praza Health’s Growing Line Of Health Products

Praza Health has grown over the years and they’re consistently adding new and exciting products for their customers.  With a focus on healthy living, Praza Health takes into account customer well-being first.  Let’s look at their newest range of health and wellness supplements.

Chamomile Calm

For many years, people have used chamomile for stress with great success. This is likely why Praza Health developed Chamomile Calm. Chamomile is one of the main ingredients, which has been proven to promote calmness and relieve nervous tension. Chamomile also supports a restful night’s sleep.

IQ Genex

This focus support supplement helps you stay focused for longer periods of time.

A nootropic that increases focus naturally for up to six hours after consumption. Taking IQ Genex allows you to process information faster and retain it by increasing your memory. Whole Green Coffee Powder or WGCP is included within the formula, derived from green coffee bean extract.

Raw green coffee bean powder gives you a host of benefits including antioxidants, micro-nutrients, and natural acids. WGCP also slightly increases blood sugar levels. WGCP provides a slow release of caffeine and also chlorogenic acids. A study conducted at a hospital, The Cleveland Clinic, showed that WGCP does in fact increase concentration.


Follinique is available as a series of products which function together to help with women’s hair regrowth. It penetrates deeply into the skin and hair follicles; this can be used to help restore dry skin and brittle hair.

It uses pure Moroccan argan oil and aragan oil. Argan oil is derived from the argan tree and has been used in beauty treatments for centuries. It also contains vitamins A, C, and E. This proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals help support hair growth for maximum results.

Follinique also offers hair regrowth treatments for women. The active ingredient is 2% minoxidil. The product effectively stimulates hair follicles, reactivating them and causing hair regrowth. The third Follinique product is the oral counterpart. It is a formulated dietary supplement, which provides necessary nutrients for hair growth. The proprietary hair nutrition blend was created to support women.

Regen For Men

Regen is a line of products created by Praza Health for the purpose of male hair regrowth. The line of products includes conditioner, shampoo, dietary nutrients, and a treatment system. The Regen conditioner combats gray hair while providing anti-aging benefits and helps revitalize hair.

The matching shampoo functions in the same manner with a focus on reducing the amount of gray hair. Regen Advanced Hair Nutrition provides minerals and vitamins which support male hair growth. Regen’s ReGROWTH treatment contains 5% minoxidil which increases hair growth. The ReGROWTH treatment is FDA approved and proven to increase hair growth within two months.

Hair Warrior

Hair Warrioris a product created to improve the amount of hydration in your hair. Regarding color-treated hair, it helps retain color for a longer period of time. Hair Warrior is made up of a botanical oil blend intended for active people to protect their hair while strengthening it.

Hair Warrior works by reducing the amount of damage your hair incurs from fitness and physical activities. The active ingredients contained in Hair Warrior are; jojoba seed oil, Abyssinian oil, argan oil, quinoa, bamboo, pro vitamin B5, rosemary extract, green tea, and eucalyptus.

Learn More About Praza Health

You can learn more about Praza Health, and how to buy the products discussed, by visiting their website. One major benefit of visiting the website is the paired products page, which offers discounts when you purchase a product bundle duo.