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Cardiac Surgery in India – Is It Reasonable?



Noted as a favorite destination for the healthcare of people around the world, India has developed itself in the field of medical tourism. The rise in the count of international patients in India in past few years truly indicates the quality of healthcare offered. When you compare with the cost of healthcare or medical treatments in India with that of the USA and Britain, it is about one-tenth lesser in this Asian country. Reasonable price of medical services is one of the key factors for the increase in the number of foreign tourists.

Apart from low cost, the quality of medical treatment provided in India is not at all lower to its British or American equivalent. Corporate hospitals in this country make use of the most modern technologies and provide highly sophisticated health services at the level of the hospitals in developed nations.

Understanding the advantages of medical tourism in India, the government has come forward to take the necessary steps to prop up India as an advanced healthcare center. Actually, private medical organizations of the country have been doing a great job by improving themselves to global standards.

By achieving global standards, India has proved to be a genuine leader in the medical field. The point of offering high-class healthcare treatment at reasonable rates has drawn people from all over the globe to India. Hospitals provide great medical care especially for cosmetic surgery, hip resurfacing, joint replacements, dentistry, and Cardiac Surgery in India at rather low rates.

The count of international patients knocking the doors of India for medical solutions has grown well in the last few years. This increase has also helped to earn huge revenue for the country. Thus medical tourism is also one of the best sources of income for the country. However,

Medical Treatment India is offered more like service more than a business. The service mind of the country is the main reason for giving high-quality medical treatment within the means of patients.

In most of the hospitals in India, patients will be treated by expert surgeons who give personalized care to each and every one. These physicians are highly qualified after completing their studies in reputed institutions of India or abroad. Moreover, they have years of experience handling a number of medical cases. In addition to surgeons, there is also a proficient paramedical team in all hospitals to take care of the worries of patients. As English is widely spoken in India, communication will not be a barrier for international patients.

Indian Health Guru Consultants is an expert in the field of “Health Tourism” providing consultancy to foreign patients who look for treatment options in India. Their primary concern has always been Quality of Care. They have successfully been in this field for more than half a decade and provided services to over 500 patients from 15 countries to date including, the USA, UK, Spain, Tanzania, Zambia, Kenya, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia & Bahrain, Pakistan & Bangladesh, Nigeria.