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Basic Dental Care that May Surprise You



At one point during your life, someone may have told you to take good care of your teeth, especially the “adult teeth”, because they grow only once.  When you lose them, you can’t replace them anymore.  This is very true, and once your teeth are damaged, it could cause huge discomfort and lead to you spending quite a bit just to get that comfort back.  Unfortunately, you will never be comfortable with a set of dentures; at least not as comfortable as having your own real teeth.

Teeth are important, not just for crushing food, but they also help you with your self-esteem.  Here are a few tips that you can use in order to lengthen their life, and make your life easier in turn.

1)      The proper tool for the proper job – teeth are hard, and they grind together in order to start the digestion process of food.  This, however, does not mean that they can be put to the test.  Do not use them for other activities such as opening bottles, opening a bag of potato chips, or even crushing ice. Remember, a tool used for the wrong job may just make it worse at doing what it is supposed to do.

2)      Nothing replaces the toothbrush – there are a lot of tools that are offered for oral care.  There is the water pick that sends a jet of water in order to take out objects that are lodged between the teeth.  Though useful, this would just push the dirt to a different location, where it could lodge and rot, causing a lot more damage in that new area.

There are also a number of mouthwashes that are advertised to kill bacteria that stay in the mouth.  Despite all that they offer, no dentist will ever say that a single item or a combination of them would replace the old fashioned toothpaste and toothbrush.  In fact, they are best used after brushing your teeth, in order to supplement the brushing of teeth.

3)      Go easy with the brush – even though the toothbrush is an essential part of dental care, it doesn’t mean that you can use any type of toothbrush and toothpaste.  One reason why teeth are brushed is in order to strengthen the enamel.  Brushing roughly may do the exact opposite. Choose a toothbrush approved by the American Dental Association (these are available worldwide) and get the soft ones.  Brush in oval motions instead of up and down, as this would rub the paste on the enamel and go easy on the gums.  If you prefer to use an electric toothbrush, use the type that has a spinning head and would have you go from one tooth to the next.

4)      Sugar is not so bad – when you were younger, you may have been told that sugar destroys the teeth.  That may not be the exact truth.  Sugar does destroy the teeth, but only when it is allowed to stay for a period of time.  If a child is given a sweet to enjoy, it should be followed by either the toothbrush or a drink of water.  Gum is also allowable, as it calls up saliva which also helps wash away the sugar on the teeth.

We benefit a lot from our teeth, and it would be a shame to replace what is naturally ours with something that is artificial.  Take good care of your teeth and with a little luck, you may very well end up enjoying them throughout your whole life.