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A Tough Call: Should You Choose Dental Clinics That Can Serve All Of Your Needs Under One Roof?



Should a single dental office be your one-stop solution to all of your dental needs? After all, can you feasibly use the same dental clinic for orthodontics, cleanings, and implants? Should you use an oral surgeon that is part of the same practice where your kids get candy-flavored toothpaste?

That is a tough question, but a very valid one. So, should you choose dental clinics that can serve all of your needs under one roof?

All In One

Let’s just blow the roof off of this question immediately by pointing out that having all of your needs met under one roof does not mean that it is all going to be done by the same dentist. After all, most modern dental clinics have at least two dental experts providing their services.

So, should you choose dental clinics that can serve all of your needs under one roof? The shortest answer would be: “Yes…if that clinic had more than one good dentist; and if those dentists have the credentials to prove that they were indeed a comprehensive solution.”

Checking the Facts

This means that you have to do a bit of the proverbial legwork if you intend to select one clinic for all of your needs. Lucky for you, there is the Internet. This will allow you to do a bit of research about each of the dentists in the clinic, the history of the clinic, and even find feedback left by people who frequent, or who no longer choose to use, that clinic.

If you see that the clinic has two or more dentists and that each is specializing in various types of dentistry, it is likely that you can choose this spot as your “go-to” resource. Just be sure that each of the dentists has current training in the latest technologies. After all, if you believe that your kids may need orthodontics, but the clinic does not yet offer things like invisible braces and aligners, it may be that the dentist is a bit out of date.

The Price of Convenience

While you are doing all of that research, also explore whether or not the pricing for any of your chosen clinics seems a bit higher than other locations. You don’t want to fall victim to pay for the convenience of a one-stop solution. While you may have dental coverage or some sort of insurance, you don’t really want to encourage punitive pricing.

Of course, while doing all of the research; you also want to be sure that the clinics you are considering will be financially viable for you too. For example, do they take your insurance, offer payment plans, or accept the credit cards you would use? This is a big issue, so be sure to give it some time and consideration.

Opting Out

As you ask the question of “should you choose dental clinics that can serve all of your needs under one roof?” be sure that you can answer precisely “why” you want to do that. If it is only about convenience, be careful. Your dental health is a very serious matter, and if you find that you avoid things like checkups or cleanings because you don’t really like the people at your “convenient” or “affordable” clinic, it can lead to major problems.

Choose your dental clinic based on the quality of the care, not the easiness in which it can be accomplished. There are many good providers and often they are under one roof!