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5 Tips to Improve Dental Health of Your Kids



Has dental health improved since the 20h century?

Kids like eating sugary foods and junk every day. This makes them more vulnerable to cavities and other dental problems. That is why it is necessary to protect the dental health of your kids. The poor dental health of your kids not only impacts your wallet but also affect your child’s smile and ability to eat well, sleep well. Moreover, dental decay is also unaesthetic that may affect the self-esteem of your child. Therefore, you should teach your child to take up good dental care habits. Here are some tips to improve the dental health of your kids.

1.      Eat Tooth Friendly Food:

You should induce the habit of making healthy food choices in your kids. All the kids like eating candies, chips, and cookies, but you should encourage them to eat tooth-friendly foods like fruits, vegetables, lean meat, nuts, and cheese, etc. To help your kid eating healthily, involve him/her in buying the food and also in the food preparation. Moreover, you can bring them to the supermarket and help them choose healthy snacks. Serve them the sugary or starchy food at the mealtimes as they are less likely to cause cavities during mealtimes.

2.      Brush Teeth Twice a Day:

You should supervise your kids when they are brushing their teeth. Teach them how to brush in a circular motion along the gum line. Tell them why brushing is essential, and they should brush all surfaces of the teeth to remove the plaque that causes cavities. Enforce them to brush twice a day, after breakfast and before going to bed. Moreover, you should help your kids brush their teeth until they reach the age of 7 or 8. You should choose a proper toothbrush for your kids. It should have a small head and soft bristles.

3.      Regularly Visit a Dentist:

Start bringing your child to the dentist at a young age, so that your child sees dentist appointments as a part of a healthy life. Visit a pediatric dentist as soon as your child has his first teeth. After that, you should bring your child to the dentist at least twice a year. A Pediatric Dentist helps identify any potential risks of cavities and suggests the right dental care products for your kids. The dentist may give them fluoride varnish on their teeth to prevent cavities.

4.      Ensure Mouth Safety:

Mouth safety is essential if your child is active in sports. Every time your kid plays a sport, he or she should wear a mouthguard. A mouthguard is a soft plastic retainer that protects your child’s teeth from injuries during the sports. You should consult an Airdrie Dentist to have a custom fit mouth guard for your child.

5.      Use Fluoridated Water:

Fluoride is an essential mineral that prevents tooth decay by making the enamel more resistant and robust. It is a naturally occurring mineral in the water, and if your child is not getting enough fluoride, he is more prone to cavities. The toothpaste, mouth rinses, and tap water should be fluoridated. You should also discuss your child’s fluoride needs with the dentist. The doctor may prescribe fluoride supplements to your kids if they are not getting enough fluoride.

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