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Scheduling a Visit to Liposuction Clinic? Consider Bringing Your Partner Along



Scheduling a visit to liposuction clinic? consider bringing your partner along

As recently reported by the LA Times, plastic surgery is gaining popularity as a couples activity, with a growing number of coupled men and women having their procedures done around the same time. And although this trend is so far reported only on the other side of the Atlantic, it’s only a matter of time until UK couples also start looking for a liposuction clinic they can visit together.

According to a recently published LA Times article, although neither the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) nor the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) keeps statistics of this particular trend, representatives of both groups report anecdotal evidence of an increasing number of couples having cosmetic surgery together. Most doctors who have observed this phenomenon note that the couples in question are usually in their late 30s to late 60s, with the women typically done with child-bearing.

Typically, it seems to be the woman who first opts for an aesthetic surgery procedure, and then, as her partner sees and likes the result, he feels more confident about having something done as well. Noted Dr. Richard Chaffoo, a board-certified plastic surgeon, in the LA Times piece: “When a wife comes in and has work done and is delighted with the outcome, the husband or partner feels more confident and secure and more likely to ask questions.”.

This new trend is mostly a consequence of another phenomenon observed in the last couple of years, namely the growing popularity of male cosmetic surgery. The LA Times reports that, according to data of the ASAPS, in 2011, nine percent of surgical and non-surgical procedures in the United States were conducted on men – a 127 percent increase since 1997. Male plastic surgery procedures are on the rise in the UK as well, with data from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPs) indicating a 5.6 percent increase in overall male cosmetic surgery. Whereas visiting a liposuction clinic for a fat removal procedure or even considering breast reduction was out of the question for men as recently as a decade ago, nowadays, an increasing number are opting for a variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures, including eyelid and abdominal liposuction surgery.

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Another factor determining the couple’s aesthetic surgery trend is the fact that the partner who has not undergone a procedure might want to restore the beauty or age “balance” when his or her mate suddenly starts looking younger or slimmer.

And yet, even though a couple might have procedures done around the same time, the methods themselves are usually quite different, with women often choosing a tummy tuck and men opting for breast reduction. Liposuction, on the other hand, is often a shared experience, albeit the fat removal areas may differ. As noted in the LA Times article, sometimes neither member of the couple can lose weight utilizing diet and exercise, leading them both to choose liposuction subsequently.

Of course, when visiting a liposuction clinic for a fat removal procedure, couples should note that it’s not advisable to have the procedures done at precisely the same time. A patient recovering from liposuction (as well as any other plastic surgery procedure) usually requires some assistance at home, at least in the first couple of days post-op.

Although it’s too early to say whether to visit the liposuction clinic and anti-aging surgery procedures will become a popular activity for couples in the UK, perhaps it’s worth thinking about substituting the popular expression “to grow old together” with “to nip and tuck together.”