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Is Plastic Surgery Right for You?



Today’s emphasis on the stereotypically beautiful woman, shaped by the media, supermodels, and word of mouth, is making many women turn to plastic surgery for help. They do not feel confident about their bodies the way they are, so they resort to breast implants, Botox, and tummy tucks. With its popularization, a person starts to wonder whether it is a valuable option for women.

Let me share my opinion with you.

Natural vs. Plastic

Plastic surgery is done right and well looks really good. However, with surgery, you can never be completely sure of the outcome. You could have one idea about how your body will look after the surgery and end up with something completely different in reality.

This becomes truer when you take complications into account. Whenever you go under the knife, you run the risk of getting nasty infections that can leave lasting impacts on your body. You might come out of surgery with some part of your body looking completely different from scarring or other permanent complicating factors.

The other thing you should take into consideration is whether or not the surgery will look fake afterward. Will people be able to tell at first glance that your breasts are a few sizes too large? Will your abnormally small waist give the opposite effect that you are looking for?

Many men say that they prefer “natural” women. Many have commented that fake breasts or Botox-treated areas do not look or feel natural, and those things can actually be repulsive instead of attractive.

Plus, with Botox, you often lose some of the feeling in the area you are injecting into. If that is all right with you, then please go right ahead.

Other Downsides of Surgery

First of all, surgery is always expensive, and most insurance companies do not pay for needless cosmetic surgeries. That means that you are going to be paying for the whole cost out of pocket. I would seriously recommend taking an honest look at your budget for years to come before deciding to use the money for plastic surgery.

Granted, there are valid reasons for getting plastic surgery. If you were born with some disfigurement or were horribly injured in some kind of accident, plastic surgery might be a necessary or wanted option for you, depending on your comfort with your appearance and the seriousness of the medical problem.

If you really do need plastic surgery, I would highly suggest going to one of the plastic surgeons in Utah. They are often recognized as some of the best surgeons in their profession.

If you are going to have some cosmetic surgery done, you should really check out the work of the surgeon and make sure that they are well certified because you do not want to have to pay for something that dramatically reduces your self-esteem.

Diet and Exercise

Many times, appropriating your diet and exercise to fit your desired body shape will do the trick. I understand that many of us are lazy, but, with dedication and perseverance, you can get the body you have always wanted. Please consider a strict exercising regime and eating program before getting yourself mixed up with plastic surgery.

While plastic surgery is really only a temporary fix, creating a healthy exercising and dieting routine can give you health and good looks for the rest of your life.

It’s Up to You

If you are set on getting plastic surgery, do not let me stop you. It is completely your choice. I just want to offer you some additional information about it and give you other options to consider.