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Recovering After A Tummy Tuck



The recovery period after a tummy tuck can be very unpleasant and laborious; before considering this type of procedure you should be aware of all possible outcomes. This article will highlight the issues associated with a tummy tuck and hopefully answer any queries you may have.

After the surgery you will notice that the skin around the abdomen is unusually numb; this is down to the nerves within the skin being severed. This is very common in patients and sensation is normally regained after a few months. In some rare cases feeling in this area will never come back.

It is imperative to take prescribed antibiotics after surgery; if you fail to comply infections may develop, these infections may reject medication when taken. If you are concerned about developing an infection take note of your temperature regularly, the high temperature could be a bad sign.

The incision that is made during surgery is quite substantial; this will mean that different areas of the incision will take different periods of time to heal. Sutures will normally be removed after 10 days; this can vary person to person, in some patients it can take up to two weeks (this is very rare).

It is best to refrain from having showers or baths for a few days after the tummy tuck procedure; the incision needs time to heal before exposed to unclean water. Sponge baths may be required until your incision has fully recovered.

To prevent swelling and blood clots from developing around the body; it is best to do light exercise such as regular walks. Saying this you should wait for up to at least three weeks, as exercise straight after surgery is dangerous.

After a tummy tuck in Birmingham, London, Wales, and throughout the UK, you will be required to wear support around your abdomen. Support can come in the form of a girdle or wide binder; its job is to help control possible swelling. It will also compress the area meaning a quicker healing process.

If you take these guidelines into consideration you can help speed up the procedure, and prevent any unwanted infections. Be sure that you take all of the required medication that the surgeon gives you; if you fail to do so then you are putting yourself at risk. Make sure that you are 100% sure that tummy tuck surgery is right for you before braving it under the knife.