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Light Exercises for Staying Healthy When We Are Older



Light exercises for staying healthy when we are older

The later years in our lives are meant for peace and relaxation, reaping the benefits of the work we put in throughout the years and enjoying the simpler things in life. Unfortunately, the human body is not immune to time passing, and it can get tricky to manage both illness and the need to exercise in order to keep ourselves healthy both physically and mentally through physical activity. Here are a few light exercises you can do in order to maintain yourself in top form even in your old age.

Walking at Your Own Pace

It might not be obvious at first, but the best thing you could do by far in terms of exercise is walking. Jogging and running may be behind you in terms of possibilities but walking at your own pace is not. Increasing blood flow and levels of oxygen to your cells, increasing your metabolism and burning quite a significant amount of calories are just a few of the immediate benefits you get from walking. But there’s also the positive mental effects walking can have – it takes you out of your comfort zone and changes up your routine, allows you to interact with your peers and your surroundings and enjoy nature and better appreciate your community.

Indoor Movement and Exercise

When the cold weather hits, it’s probably better to limit your exposure levels as to not get a cold. However, that doesn’t mean you ought to become sedentary – quite the contrary! Try to envision whatever tasks you have around the house as an opportunity to move and get some exercise under your belt. For example, if you live on a two-story house, climbing the stairs every so often could have a huge impact on keeping you in shape. Getting a stairlift could help when you’re tired and need to get upstairs.

Stretching whenever you feel stiff and simply taking some walks around the house can also help relieve tension and relax you – not to mention contribute to a better quality of sleep. Listen to some of your favorite music: they have a lot of platforms through which you can instantly find your favorite songs and artists for free these days. Put them on and dance a little, either with your partner or by yourself. It will cheer you up and most importantly, it will get you to move a bit!

Then, there is off course ancient and eastern philosophies combined with gentle exercises and breathing control – such as Tai Chi – which is associated with graceful ageing. Starting with such guided exercises can be done at any time, it is almost never too late.

As you can see, the idea of being impaired when you’re old is outdated and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Quite the contrary – regardless of your age, you could always find some life left in you. Use that energy to move around and create a habit out of it. You’ll feel better, think better and keep yourself in shape; all of which are paramount to an enjoyable life in retirement. Get moving, at your own pace!