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Understanding The Tummy Tuck In Detail



Everyone has heard of a “Tummy Tuck” (or abdominoplasty), but some people may not know exactly what it is or exactly how it works, so for those of you who don’t know, a Tummy Tuck as we will refer to it from here on out is a procedure in which excess abdominal fat and skin are removed from the abdomen, thus leaving the patient with a smoother and flatter stomach.

People normally undergo a “Tummy Tuck” because they have experienced a rapid weight loss in a very short amount of time. This could be due to an illness or possibly a surgery such as a gastro bypass surgery. When a patient experiences a rapid weight loss as mentioned above their skin may become very lose and very saggy, and to some people, this can be very undesirable, so they opt for a Tummy Tuck to tighten the skin back up and appear normal.

Things to Consider When Under Going a Tummy Tuck

  • Do NOT undergo the procedure if you are currently pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant prior to the surgery. The pregnancy may stretch some of your stomach skin and muscles out of their ordinary position, so it would be best to wait until AFTER your pregnancy to undergo the surgery.
  • Don’t consider a Tummy Tuck if you are seriously overweight, consider losing the weight prior to undergoing the surgery for multiple reasons. The first reason being, anytime a person is overweight and goes under surgery their risk of complication drastically increases.
  • Be sure to get ALL of your questions answered prior to undergoing the procedure, especially if you have any scars from previous surgery like Gastro Bypass, Hysterectomy, or C-Sections, because one the skins are shifted these scars become smaller or larger, make sure you consult everything with your physician.

Procedure Overview

Depending upon how big of a procedure you are going to undergo, you could be looking at anywhere from 1 -2 hours or something longer like 3 -5 hours, just depending upon the amount of “tucking” needing to be performed. This is a very common procedure so there is not a large amount of risk involved unless you have other issues, however, it is a comprehensive surgery in which you will have to be put under by an anesthesiologist.

Recovery and Healing Time

As mentioned above the overall surely is not a very serious surgery and it is a very common procedure so the healing time is not as drastic as some other procedures. You can expect to be down for around 4 or 5 days completely, after those 4 or 5 days (depending upon the severity of the tuck) you can most likely begin resuming light activities such as walking, cooking, etc.

Actually most doctors will encourage you to begin walking as soon as possible to start stimulating all your muscles and ensuring your blood flow gets back to normal.  You will have stitches externally and they will normally be removed in 1 – 2 weeks, internal stitches will dissolve on their own. Many times patients will be required to wear a girdle for a while until you are 100% healed up to ensure that your stomach and muscles all stay compressed as they should.

A Tummy Tuck is one of the most common procedures that doctors perform, while they are common and performed quite frequently, every case is different so make sure you consult your doctor and educate yourself on all your questions prior to starting your procedure.