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Don’t Get Burned: Know the Facts & Avoid a Botched Laser Hair Removal Procedure



Laser hair removal is an extremely safe procedure, but there have been cases reported of people suffering complications after receiving a botched procedure. A case reported in August of 2012 cited a man who was put on probation for two years after performing a botched laser hair removal procedure.

Fortunately, there are preventative actions you can take to avoid a botched laser hair removal treatment. Below are some tips for choosing the right person to perform laser hair removal.

Make Sure the Person Performing the Procedure is Licensed

The man, as mentioned above, who was recently put on probation for performing a botched laser hair removal procedure, was not a licensed doctor.  He did not even have a cosmetology license.  It is crucial to do research and make sure that your treatment is in the hands of a trained professional.

Furthermore, even though laser hair removal is frequently performed at beauty spas and salons, it is best to get this procedure done at a medical clinic.  If someone other than a doctor is performing the treatment, make sure a doctor will supervise him/her throughout the entire procedure.

Ask What Type of Laser the Technician Will Be Using

There is a wide range of lasers that can be used for laser hair removal treatment.  However, several of these lasers have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.  Make sure to ask your doctor or technician whether the laser he/she will be using is FDA-approved.

Check to See If the Doctor or Technician Is a Member of a Professional Organization

Doctors and technicians are not required to be members of a professional organization.  However, professional membership does show that the doctor or technician strives to maintain a standard of excellence.  The American Society for Laser and Medicine and The National Council on Laser Excellence are two professional laser hair removal organizations.

Be Wary of Anyone Who Promises Permanent Results

Doctors and technicians are not allowed to promise permanent results.  So, if you are pledged to lasting results, proceed with caution.  Also, you should be aware that hair removal lasers have been FDA-approved for hair reduction.  If a doctor or technician promises complete and permanent hair removal, they are either being dishonest, or they are uninformed.

Unfortunately, botched laser hair removal procedures are a reasonably common occurrence.  The good news is they can be avoided.  Choosing someone who is licensed, asking the technician or doctor about the type of laser that will be used, and checking to see if the doctor is a member of a professional organization are all essential steps to take to ensure your procedure is complication-free.