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What You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal



There are several methods people can use to get rid of unwanted body hair. The methods will have different results with some providing better results than others. The process of laser hair removal is the most permanent way to get rid of hair on the body as well as on the face. This procedure should only be performed by a licensed doctor in an office setting or aesthetic clinic. There are many benefits to using this method which can out weight the costs.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

This process uses a concentrated beam of light which penetrates the surface layer of skin to reach the hair follicles underneath. This allows the concentrated beam to destroy the follicle so it can no longer produce hair, which is why it is considered as a permanent process for removing hair. The light emitted from the device used for this procedure does not cause any pain. This is a significant benefit over shaving which often leaves the surface of the skin with nicks and cuts.

Laser treatments also do not cause abrasion on the surface of the skin so it remains smooth and free of unsightly bumps. The laser can be used to target small areas or hair which is coarser and harder to get rid of by other means. When performed by a professional aesthetic doctor, this treatment is safe enough to use for removing facial hair from the upper lip and eyebrow areas.

Risks Involved with Laser Treatments

Removing hair through the use of lasers is considered a medical treatment and does have a certain amount of risk. If the process is not performed properly the laser could burn the layer of skin. There are also certain precautions people can take when planning to have this treatment performed. Because the laser penetrates the skin’s surface it is recommended the patient not pluck any hairs in the area to be treated for at least six weeks prior to treatment. This also applies to have waxing or electrolysis done. Doctors also advise staying out of the sun to avoid getting sunburned.

When compared to other medical procedures the risks for this treatment are minimal. The treatment can leave the skin feeling sensitive as though it incurred mild sunburn. This is because the light from the laser is extremely hot, which is why it destroys the hair follicle on contact. Applying soothing moisturizers or cool compresses to the treated area will usually reduce the sensitivity. The hair in the treated area will also fall out over the next few weeks, which is normal. On rare occasions, people can develop a rash or have scarring.

When planning to have hair removed through the use of lasers, one treatment might not be enough to get rid of all of the hair. The number of treatments needed will depend on the size of the area being treated as well as the thickness and density of the hair. An anesthetic clinic can provide more information about the procedure, side effects, and results.