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Natural Agents to Remove Unwanted Hair, Lurking in Your Kitchen



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People spend much time and effort on different options to remove unwanted hair. What most don’t know is that some of the agents that can remove that hair you don’t want growing in certain areas can be found right in your pantry. Here are some of the natural agents that can help you manage unwanted hair.

First Off: Why Do We Have Unwanted Hair Anyway?

There are plenty of reasons why we grow hair in areas we don’t want to. Stress, heredity, and hormonal changes are common reasons. Hair growth is a common occurrence for adult men and women, in men, it is normal to see hair that grows dark and coarse along the face, back, and chest area. Women experience this too; however, the hair that grows is usually fine and almost unnoticeable.

But in some cases, the hair grows in a way we don’t want it to be (talking about women here). Hair that grows dark, coarse, and thick in the facial area is perceived by most as undesirable; and so shaving, waxing, plucking, and other treatments are done to remove it.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options on how to reduce or manage unwanted hair. Natural home remedy is one option if the hair growth is mild to moderate. Here’s how.

  • Bengal Gram Powder

Bengal gram that is powdered can be used to reduce the growth of unwanted hair. It can be powdered and used as a soap substitute. Bengal powder is actually a natural scrub and cleanser; use it regularly as a scrub to reduce hair growth.

You can also use a combination of milk cream and turmeric together with Bengal powder to minimalize hair growth.

  • Home Made Wax

Waxing agents can cause irritation especially for those with sensitive skin. You can prevent this by preparing your own natural and homemade wax. All you need is 500 grams of sugar granules, one cup of water, a quarter of a teaspoon of citric acid, and half a teaspoon of glycerin. Heat the water and the sugar until it melts; at this point add the citric acid. (Dissolve it first in half a cup of warm water). If the consistency of the mixture is a little thicker than honey, then add the glycerin.

Waxing reduces the density of hair growth, take note that it does not remove the hair permanently.

  • Homemade Bleaching Agent

Bleaching agents are used to lightening the color of the hair to make it unnoticeable.  You can make so at home using natural ingredients. A combination of lemon juice and honey can do the trick. Apply this combination regularly to lighten the hair.

Remember that these home remedies are temporary and can only be effective for mild cases. Clinics such as Onyx treatments can give you a more permanent and fast result.