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Laser Hair Removal And Skin Clinic



Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal has gained much ground of late because of its non-invasive nature and it is speedy and more efficient than the conventional techniques of using tweezers, shavers, or wax. The basic principle consists of directing a highly concentrated laser beam into the hair follicles. Hair is removed by the pigment of the follicles absorbing the light.

Laser hair removal is actually a medical process used for cosmetic purposes. Hence some basic preparations are necessary to make the technique successful. Firstly, one must be very careful and choosy about the dermatologist who will be conducting the operation. He must be quite experienced and skilled.

One must check the credentials of the concerned persons very well before undertaking such treatment. Also, for six weeks prior to laser hair removal waxing, plucking and electrolysis should be limited since by such processes the roots of the hairs are removed and laser removal becomes less effective. Also, one should avoid tanning by exposure to the sun.

The actual process includes trimming hairs first so that the length of hairs is only a few millimeters. Then the laser machine is adjusted as per the skin color and the location, thickness, and color of the hair. A cold gel is then spread across the outer layer of the skin so that the laser beam penetrates the skin. At the end of the treatment anti-inflammatory creams, ice packs, lotions, etc. are applied to reduce any discomfiture of the skin. The dermatologist will advise you to attend another session after about four to six weeks. The treatment requires three to four sittings for complete hair removal.

The benefits of laser hair removal include:

  • Precision: The laser ray can be selectively targeted on coarse, dark hairs but the surrounding skin remains untouched.
  • Speed: The laser operation is very quick. In a single second, many hairs can be treated. Of course, for larger areas like legs or the back, it may take about an hour.
  • Predictability: The efficacy of the process is so good that almost ninety percent of people have permanent loss of hair after three to four sessions.

Skin clinic

Skin clinic and laser hair removal technique attend skin problems both cosmetically and medically. There are specialized clinics employing experienced and professional dermatologists who cure a variety of skin problems. Some very common procedures for treating the skin are laser hair removal, Botox, Thermage, Juvederm, spider vein removal, etc. Not necessarily these are costly procedures; so one can opt for such treatments for glowing, younger skin. Also, these are quite effective and safe processes.

There are various types of skin treatments like

  • Hydra facial treatment in which the skin is exfoliated and hydrated giving a beautiful, clearer skin.
  • Chemical peels are also quite popular. The skin specialist will advise on what type of chemical peel will be best for an individual.
  • Derma plane in which the outer layer of the skin is scraped making way for the growth of new skin. The only drawback to this method is that it is quite painful.

Sometimes some of the above processes are combined to give a complete skin treatment.