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Tips For Preventative Dental Care



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The best kind of care is preventative care. Your Queens dentist wants to see you frequently, but for cleanings, not for serious dental health concerns. To avoid visiting your Queens dentist too often and to keep from having to deal with serious pain or stress over your dental health, follow a few simple tips:

1.    Brush your teeth. This may seem trite or over-emphasized, but it is truly important. Cleaning away the sugar that bacteria feed on as well as acids from sodas or even just citrus foods can have a big impact on your dental health. By making sure to clean these things away, you keep them from eroding your dental enamel, thereby protecting your teeth. Brushing properly also helps prevent problems in your gums, like infection! Make sure to brush carefully and thoroughly. It may seem tempting to skip brushing or to go too quickly if you feel short on time, but try not to do so.

2.    Floss. This also seems trite, but it’s just as important as brushing. Brushing can’t get everything, and flossing is especially important for dealing with detritus that can affect your gums, an aspect of dental health that is often forgotten.

3.    Avoid store-bought tooth-whitening products. Because of the way these products work, they can easily damage your teeth. It may seem tempting because they can be cheaper than professional treatments, but if you want your teeth whitened, consult your dentist. Professional supervision ensures that you will be able to have teeth that are both white and healthy.

4.    Get lots of calcium. Everyone knows that calcium strengthens bones- but people often forget that teeth are bones too! A good supply of calcium will help keep your teeth strong and healthy. Also make sure to get plenty of vitamin D, since it helps your body absorb the calcium you consume.

5.    Schedule dentist appointments at least once, preferably twice a year. Many dental problems, such as cavities, are much easier to deal with when they’re smaller. By getting deep cleanings regularly and getting small problems dealt with quickly, you can avoid larger and more painful procedures in the future.

Consider these tips in between visiting your Queens dentist, and you will be able to keep your dental health. Your Queens dentist is here to serve, but preventative care on your part can save a lot of pain and stress for everyone!