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Tips for Staying Healthy and Enjoying Life



Whenever someone tells you that you need to make changes to be healthy, how often do you think it means you need to stop enjoying life? Many do but that just isn’t the case. It is possible to make healthy changes and still enjoy every part of your day, whether that involves eating out with friends, socializing with family, or even just enjoying some time with your children. Here are some tips to remain healthy and still enjoy your life.

  • Do Exercise that You Enjoy

Everyone knows that exercise is good for them but they rarely do it. Just 30 minutes a day will help to improve the heart and lungs – 60 minutes for children. The problem is that many people start to think of the gym and boring activities that they will never stick to. The trick is to find an exercise that you enjoy!

Think you don’t enjoy something? How about just going swimming in the morning? What about a kick around in the park with friends? There are many activities that people simply don’t realize count as exercise. Even walking will help you gain the exercise you need and is a great way to socialize with friends and even spend time with children.

Find something that you love to do. It could be joining a dance class or trying out a new aerobics session. You may even choose to join a swimming session with your children to encourage them to get more exercise too. If you choose something you enjoy, it becomes a habit easily and you forget that it was a chore!

  • Break Exercise Up

Sticking on the subject of exercise, you don’t have to do all those 30 minutes at the same time. Many people think that they simply have no time to exercise around work, their social life, and their children. The truth is that you really do.

Break the 30 minutes into manageable chunks. Instead of doing a full 30 minutes, do two sessions of 15 minutes – one in the morning and one in the evening. You could even split it further by doing five minutes here and there. Just make sure that you really do the 30 minutes, however, you choose to do it.

Many people worry about eating healthy when they go out for a meal. If you know you are eating out with friends, look at the menu beforehand and plan ahead – while there, skip those unhealthy snacks. The waiters are likely to put bread on the table but make sure it stays away from you – the gluten in the bread could really affect your body, without you even realizing it.

Ask for olives or other healthy snacks to start your meal off, if you really need them.

Living healthily doesn’t need to be difficult or take over your life. It is about making some subtle changes that are enjoyable. Find sports or activities that are fun and fit them around your schedule. You will find you feel better and have more energy throughout the day, while life for longer!