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Dental Care and Your Overall Health



Did you know that your mouth serves as a window to your overall health? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that excess plaque and bacteria can wreak havoc on the teeth and gums. But could it possibly contribute to other serious illnesses like heart disease and diabetes?

Bacteria in the mouth can grow and cause oral infections such as tooth decay and gum disease. Additionally, those afflictions result in dental procedures, medications, or treatments that reduce saliva flow and disrupt the healthy balance of bacteria in your mouth. It is then easier for bacteria to enter your bloodstream and wreak havoc.

To protect your oral health practice good oral hygiene by:

-Brushing teeth twice a day.
-Replacing your toothbrush every season.
-Flossing regularly.
-Eating a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables.
-Having regular dental visits.

Remember, taking care of your oral health is an easy way to maintain overall health.