Electric Toothbrushes Versus Manual?

Electric toothbrushes versus manual?

So you’ve been told about how important it is to brush your teeth regularly from an early age. Brushing your teeth kills bacteria which is the main cause of plague, which in turn leads to cavities and gum disease. This is unquestionable common knowledge, there is however some debate about the best type of toothbrush to use when brushing your teeth.

The two main ones on the market are manual and electric toothbrushes. Let me start by saying that they can both do a perfectly good job once they are used correctly. However the electric toothbrush does have some advantages of over the traditional manual toothbrush. Following are its advantages:

  • Several studies have indicated that electric tooth brushes give a deeper clean. They apply more pressure in the correct places and have a faster brushing motion to give a deeper clean. This deeper clean will result in visibly cleaner and whiter teeth. Electric toothbrushes also provide more stimulation for the gums which helps to prevent gum disease such as gingivitis.
  • It is important to note that if teeth are brushed too hard the enamel and gums can be damaged. Many electric toothbrushes contain a pressure sensor which stops it applying too much pressure to the teeth and gums. People using a manual toothbrush tend to brush harder than those using an electric one and this can result in damaging the teeth and gums.
  • Powered toothbrushes are easier to use and require less effort to thoroughly brush your teeth. This is particularly useful for children and people who have mobility issues (such as arthritis).
  • As stated above an electric toothbrush will result in whiter and cleaner teeth. Another positive consequence of the deeper clean given by electric brushes is fresher breath. Bad breath is caused by food particles and other small particles of debris that get stuck in the mouth. This is not to say that people who brush their teeth with manual brushes will have bad breath just that electric brushes lead to fresher breath.

Electric toothbrushes are more expensive than manual brushes and this can turn a lot of people off. If so, manual brushes are more than adequate to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy, once they are used properly. Following are some tips for proper usage of a manual toothbrush:

  • The brush should be angled at 45 degrees to the tooth and the gum line
  • A gentle brushing motion with a soft bristled brush is all that is required
  • Don’t use too much pressure
  • Brush every tooth and all the gaps between them
  • You should brush for 2 minutes each time

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