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How to Avoid Bad Breath This Holiday Season



How to share the love this holiday season

It is the holiday season, which means that many people often overeat on good food along with spending time with family and friends. Most often we don’t realize how much we eat until we feel overly full. You don’t have to stuff yourself silly this holiday season, In fact here are tips to help you have a happy holiday season and keep a good smelling breath.

Drink more water

Water is one of the best tools for keeping germs away. Water naturally detoxifies and can revitalize the body’s internal system. If you feeling sluggish or a little bit lethargic and drink a glass of water it will help you feel more awake.

Water can also wash away the smells that hang around in your mouth.

Chew sugar-free gum

Sugar-free gum is a great way to keep your breath fresh as well as removing plaque buildup and the potential for cavities. Did you know that dentists love sugar-free gum and they recommend it to patients?

This is because it can help keep cravings away so we don’t overeat but it also produces saliva flow in the mouth which can eventually keep plaque from building up on the tooth enamel surface.

Munch on mints

Eating at mints during the holiday season is a really good way to keep your breath feeling and tasting good. Mints help you freshen up as well. Choose a flavor you enjoy, winter mint or peppermint flavor, or even orange mint to help you feel fresher and cleaner.

Brush your teeth after every meal

Some studies show that people who brush their teeth more often have fresher breath than those who do not. If you suffer from chronic bad breath you want to visit your dentist. They can help you assess if you need a prescription or some type of oral care treatment. Chronic bad breath is a very common situation in Americans.

These tips will help you get fresh breath and smile through the holidays.