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3 Dirty Habits That Give You Bad Breath



Great smelling breath is truly the stuff of many great romantic film scenes. Ever seen the movie ‘Made of Honor’ where Hannah (played by Michelle Monaghan) parades around the little Scottish town, with a toilet bowl full of salt, selling kisses for spare changes as part of a Scottish tradition for her bachelorette party? I distinctly remember the scene where the first Scotsman kisses her and loudly proclaims “She’s got the breath of an angel!” Need I say more than great smelling breath goes far? The disappointing part though is that there are several habits which make us have rather bad breath. Here are a few:

Smoking and bad breath are quite synonymous. There’s just something about smoking that causes the awful smell which is known as smoker’s breath. Smoking leaves smoke particles in the throat and lungs and makes the smell linger for quite a few hours. Chemicals that are used in tobacco smoke also cause chronic bad breath by drying out the palate of your tongue and gums. A constant blast of hot smoke on the inside of your mouth creates the perfect environment for smelly bacteria to grow and thrive.

An increased buildup of plaque and tartar on the teeth and the risk of gum disease is also caused by smoking and in return causes bad breath. The best way to make a better habit than smoking is to—you got it—just don’t smoke! That being easier said than done for most people, try rinsing your mouth with a CB12 mouthwash so that your mouth can smell a bit fresher. Doing this will help you to neutralize any bad odors.

Skipping Water for Coke and Coffee is not always a good idea if you want your breath to be fresh and your teeth to be white for the better half of your lifetime. I have this personal favorite quote which says: Behind every successful woman, there is a substantial amount of coffee! Now, we all know how true that is, so don’t bother to cancel that Starbucks coffee order altogether. Just don’t forget to drink a lot of water too. That will keep you successfully trim and slim with better-smelling breath while you’re at it.

Why exactly do coffee and coke cause bad breath? Well, the caffeine in both of these drinks dries out your mouth and slows down the production of saliva. Saliva kills bacteria that is in your mouth and also helps to wash out any food particles that are left in your teeth or other areas of your mouth. A dry mouth and the leftover food particles resulting can start to give off bad smelling odors. Coffee and coke bad breath can easily be fixed by washing it all down with a tall glass of water right after. Another tip that some folks find useful for having better breath is to limit the amount of milk in your coffee.

Losing Your Dental Floss... Admit it. Dental floss comes in a relatively smaller packing which makes it easier to lose than a toothbrush and easier to forget about. We’ve all had the concept of “brush your teeth” hammered into our brains since childhood, but not much has been lectured on the subject of flossing.

As tedious and time consuming as it is to floss your teeth, it really does pay off. As one dentist put it: Failure to floss your teeth is like only cleaning one side of a glass window. More than 100 bacteria live inside of your mouth and when you forget to floss these bacteria are given free rein to multiply through all the leftover food particles between your teeth.

These bacteria have sulfurous compounds that rot and smell terribly unpleasant. If you want to prevent this from happening then brush your teeth twice a day, floss between the teeth each time your brush, and use a good mouthwash like CB12. It’s paramount to great smelling breath and great kisses. ;)