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Common Embarrassing Male Health Issues



Sexual problems are often embarrassing for the men affected by them. With almost 40 percent of men suffering from some issues affecting their genitalia, many suffer from low confidence surrounding their performance in bed. Worse yet, most men aren’t comfortable speaking with a doctor about these issues. Here’s a look at the most common male sexual health problems and the treatments that take care of them.

Smelly Genitals

Malodorous genitals are a common problem for many men. The strong smell can be humiliating if others notice it, but it’s surprisingly easy to take care of. Naturally, cleanliness is the biggest factor in staying fresh. Hygiene is made easier by reducing or eliminating pubic hair in the region. On a daily basis, the genitals should be scrubbed to remove odor-causing bacteria that are attracted to sweat and grime. In addition, loose-fitting boxers and slacks should be worn instead of tight briefs and skinny jeans, which may contribute to the problem.

Erectile Issues

Difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection is common for mature men, but younger men experience this problem as well. Erectile dysfunction makes sexual intercourse challenging or impossible, and the fear of being unable to satisfy is a major obstacle to attempting sex for many patients. In some cases, erectile problems are caused by heart issues, such as high blood pressure or heart failure, but it can also be caused by anxiety, low testosterone, or other conditions. Fortunately, the disorder can usually be treated by medications that promote blood flow to the penis.

Frequent Urination

When urination becomes excessive, it can interrupt professional as well as intimate time. In many cases, men have no idea what could be causing it, but embarrassment almost always occurs when restroom visits become constant. Differences in bladder size and sensitivity are common causes of frequent urination, but kidney infections and diabetes may also increase the need to urinate. For this reason, men experiencing excessive urination should speak with a doctor about the issue to rule out anything serious.

Premature Ejaculation

This is a very common issue with men of all ages, but it’s rarely discussed. Doctors don’t fully understand what causes premature ejaculation, but stress, alcohol, and other lifestyle choices appear to influence it. To treat the problem, doctors sometimes prescribe sensation-reducing antidepressants that delay ejaculation.

Painful Foreskin

For uncircumcised men, this is a major issue that can affect sexual performance and confidence. Vigorous intercourse can cause soreness that lasts for days, causing sufferers to fear intense intimacy. Stretching can reduce or eliminate the problem for many men, but if the issue gets worse, men should speak with a physician.

All of these issues can affect male sexual health and enjoyment, and all of them are rarely talked about by men with each other or their physicians. Unfortunately, leaving these problems untreated can cause physical and psychological harm over time. By getting treatment for these issues as soon as they’re detected, men can maintain a higher quality of life in all areas.