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Holistic Ways to Maintain Good Oral Health



Holistic ways to maintain good oral health

You might not be able to see, taste or even feel them but your mouth is the permanent home of countless microorganisms that can be both beneficial or harmful to your health.  The helpful bacteria, known as probiotics, help in the digestion of our food and protect our teeth and gums from the bad bacteria, which is prone to get out of hand. The bad bacteria in your mouth can cause a variety of oral conditions such as gingivitis, bad breath, cavities, periodontitis and a build-up of plaque.

It is of vital importance for both your mouth and the rest of your body to control the bacteria and toxin levels in your oral cavity. Bacterial overgrowth and infection in the mouth are able to travel through the entire body’s system leading to a number of serious medical conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, bacterial pneumonia and even low birth weight.  A respectable dental facility can prove to be of great benefit for your family while making use of a number of completely holistic cleansing techniques can also keep your teeth healthy while looking and feeling fantastic.  Here are some top ways to maintain good oral health.

Oil pulling

Swishing and swirling your preferred brand of coconut oil around in your mouth is one sure-fire way to keep your breath fresh, your teeth white and your body free of toxins. Oil pulling literally pulls toxins out of your mouth, which you then simply spit out. Studies find that oil pulling has the ability to reduce plaque-induced gingivitis and the bacteria known to cause cavities.

Tongue scraping

Tongue scraping is the easiest and fastest way to get of the bad bacteria in your mouth. A good tongue scraping cleans bacterial build-up, fungi, food debris and dead cells from the surface of the tongue. This method not only cleans the mouth but freshens the breath and stimulates the metabolism as well.

Non-toxic toothpaste

Toothpaste is vital when it comes to maintaining good oral health as it acts as an antibacterial agent. When we take it upon ourselves to live a holistic life, we have to detox our toothpaste as well. Many chemicals commonly found in toothpaste are harmful to the body as a whole. Choose a toothpaste that makes use of natural antibacterial agents such as neem, peppermint, clove and licorice.

Green tea

Green tea does not only boost your mineralization, protects against radiation and helps you lose weight but significantly improves your oral health as well. Frequent green tea consumption promotes healthy teeth and gums and reduces periodontal disease. The catechin found in green tea reduces inflammation in the body together with the indicators of periodontal disease, thus reducing the presence of bad bacteria in the oral cavity.

Tea tree oil dental floss

There is simply no denying that flossing daily forms an integral part of any oral health routine.  Adding tea tree oil to the equation holds numerous benefits as tea tree oil has the ability to reduce bad oral bacteria, reducing gingivitis and bleeding of the gums. Make sure to get hold of some tea tree floss to elevate your oral hygiene regimen to the next level.

Maintaining good oral health is something everyone should start practising from an early age and continue with throughout their lives.  We owe it to ourselves to take the best possible care of our bodies and we owe it to nature to do it in a holistic and responsible way that will not negatively impact our environment. By following the guidelines above you will ensure that your smile is picture-perfect without damaging the earth in any way.