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Can Cordyceps Cure Incontinence?



Incontinence, frequent urination, and waking at night to go to the bathroom have the same cause in Chinese medicine.  Your kidney energy is too weak.  When your kidney energy is too weak, not only will you have frequent urination or incontinence, but you can also have low back pain and fatigue.  They all have the same root.

To understand how cordyceps Sinensis can treat incontinence, you need to understand how Chines medicine works.  Frequent urination is a symptom, it is not a disease.  It is a symptom of an underlying energetic imbalance.  This imbalance usually causes many symptoms at the same time.

When you get acupuncture or take Chinese herbs such as cordyceps, you are treating the underlying cause of your disease.  One supplement or series of acupuncture treatments treats the underlying cause of your symptoms.  Many symptoms will be addressed at the same time.

It is not possible to get acupuncture and just treat one ailment, since many problems can come from the same root and acupuncture treats so many things at once.  This is one of the benefits of getting acupuncture.  One treatment can address 5 symptoms and you can recover quickly from all your issues.


If your kidney energy is weak, you will be tired.  It is impossible to have enough energy and vitality if your kidneys are weak.  In Chinese medicine, there are two main sources of energy, the spleen, and the kidneys.  If the kidneys are weak, you cannot be energetic.  Cordyceps makes your kidneys stronger.  Herbs such as Panax ginseng and Astragalus strengthen your spleen.  If you combine several herbs at one time, such as spleen and kidney tonics, you will improve your energy levels rapidly.

Low back pain

Low back pain is a symptom of kidney energy weakness.  When you strengthen your kidneys with cordyceps, your low back will be improved and your energy will be improved at the same time.  In some cases, you might get acupuncture or other therapies for your low back pain and it will not go away.  Once you treat yourself with kidney tonics like cordyceps, your back pain can resolve in about a month.


As you age, your kidney energy naturally declines.  This is why you see incontinence so much in people over 50.  Your kidney energy affects your bladder.  Once the kidneys are weak, you will have urinary symptoms.  If you do not treat your kidneys when you have slight symptoms, such as frequent urination, you can continue to worsen until you are completely incontinent.

Cordyceps can be taken long term to improve the strength of your kidneys and prevent other signs of aging.  It is used as a longevity tonic in Chinese medicine and is used for years to maintain health and energy levels.

Your health is affected by the strength of your kidneys.  Kidney energy is the foundation of your health and longevity in Chinese medicine.  Taking herbal tonics can improve your energy levels and function as well as prevent you from getting symptoms as you age.  You can maintain your health more easily than you can recover it when it is lost.

In ancient China, doctors were not paid if a patient gets sick.  They were paid to keep people well.  Prevention of disease is a higher form of medicine than to treat diseases once they occur.  This is why herbal tonics like Cordyceps are popular for long term use.


Cordyceps also strengthens lung energy.  Your lungs should be kept strong to improve energy levels and boost the immune system.  Allergies are caused by a weak immune system in Chinese medicine.  If your immune system is kept strong with herbal tonics, you will be protected from colds and flu and can reduce or eliminate allergy symptoms.

There are herbal formulas that treat the symptoms of allergies quickly and boost the immune system long term.  Cordyceps is a deep immune tonic.  It does not work quickly on allergies but will reduce them over time.

In summary, Cordyceps is one of the best herbal tonics you can take.  It strengthens your kidneys and your lungs, improves your immune system, and reduces the signs of aging.  You can treat your incontinence with herbal remedies.