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Nutrition And Your Energy Level



Are you one of those people who jump out of bed at the last minute, make that quick cup of coffee, grabs a doughnut, and speeds out of the driveway to make it to work on time? If so, you aren’t that different from a lot of people. But in this case, this isn’t exactly a good thing. The fact is that while you’re doing your best to get ahead at work or school, you’re definitely getting behind when it comes to your health and wellbeing.

You’ve heard that nutrition is important. You’ve probably heard that good nutrition can reduce the risk of disease and improve your appearance. But did you know that good nutrition also drastically increases the amount of energy you have? When you choose foods that are healthy, they work to give you optimal energy and clear your mind so you are focused and ready for life’s challenges. But if you’re weighed down with doughnuts and coffee, chances are you’re not going to be on top of things or enjoy your life all that much.

So what are some things you can do to improve your nutrition and become more energized?

Choose Power Foods

While many foods simply make you feel weighed down, others give you a boost of energy. These are called power foods. Some power foods include almonds, berries, dates, watercress, and flax seeds. Notice that these foods are all-natural. They are not processed in some plants. And as a result, they taste great and offer a lot of nutritional value.

Avoid Caffeine and Choose Water

While caffeine may give you a temporary boost of energy, you are likely to experience an energy crash after a few hours. Then what do you do? Make more coffee. Being dependent on caffeine for your energy is definitely not doing any favors for your body. You may want to consider cutting back on your caffeine intake and choosing water instead. Your body craves water, and a well-hydrated body is a body that has more energy than those that are not well-hydrated.

Snack Often

You’ve probably heard that snacking often is a good idea for your energy, and it’s completely true. Eating healthy snacks such as carrots or granola and yogurt gives your body energy. This is because your body “crashes” if it doesn’t get a bit of food every few hours. Its metabolism slows down for a while. But if you choose to eat a little here and a little there, your body continues to work, which allows you to have more energy throughout the day, rather than experiencing an energy “crash” sometime throughout the day.

Get Your Omega-3’s

Getting your daily dose of Omega-3 fats is definitely a good idea, as it has been shown to improve energy, memory, and mood. You can get Omega 3 fats through a variety of foods including fish, flax seeds, walnuts, leafy greens, and other such foods. You can also get Omega-3 supplements to ensure that you are getting this valuable fat.

Eat Foods High in Nutrients

Basically, it all comes down to eating a healthy diet. As you eat foods that are high in nutrients, you are going to experience more energy. Think natural. When you choose natural foods such as whole grains, fruits, veggies, and nuts, you are going to get more benefits than picking up a ready-made pizza or chocolate pie from the store. Not that you can’t have these once in a while, but if you are diligent in consuming healthy, plant-based foods, you will wonder where all your newfound energy came from.

While it might take a bit more willpower to eat healthy, nutritious foods, you’ll be happy you made the “sacrifice.” You will look and feel your best. In fact, you might even jump out of bed a little earlier and make it to work without rushing at the last minute.