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4 Health Facts Everyone Should Know About Alcohol



Although the jury is out on whether alcohol is really good or bad for us, it’s safe to say that keeping within the daily recommended amount is a good place to start. When it comes to your health, just how does alcohol impact you?

Men versus Women

The Department of Health suggests that men should limit themselves to 3 – 4 units of alcohol a day and women should only consume 2 -3 units. One unit is roughly equal to either half a pint of beer, a small glass of wine, or a small measure of spirits. But why is there a disparity between the sexes?

The male body contains more water and so alcohol is diluted in the bloodstream more readily. A woman absorbs approximately 30% more alcohol than a male of the same weight when they’re drinking the same amount of booze. Women are playing the drinking game on hard mode! That’s why ladies are recommended slightly less.

Binge Drinking

It goes without saying that binge drinking is bad for you. Unfortunately, for many young people across the country, it’s a social necessity rather than a choice. Behaviour is classed as ‘binge drinking’ when women consume four drinks or more in a two hour period (five drinks for men). Apart from the fact that you’re more likely to end up in an accident, the pressure that’s placed on your heart and blood vessels is phenomenal. Binge drinkers are 56% more likely to suffer from a stroke.

Raise a Toast to Red Wine

Although binge drinking has been proven to put extreme stress on the body, drinking one glass of red wine a day (two, for men) has wonderful health benefits. Other than reducing your chances of heart disease, red wine’s positive points seem almost endless: increased libido, anti-aging qualities, extended life expectancy, production of good cholesterol in the body, boosted immune system, happier digestion, lower chances of contracting cancer, less free radical damage, lowered levels of blood sugar…need we go on? Also, how amazing does that after-work glass of red feel? Here’s to red wine!

In France, levels of heart disease are relatively low, especially given their diet, which is generally high in saturated fats. This is called the ‘French Paradox’ and it’s been asked if their bon santé is down to the cultural consumption of red wine.

It’s easy to introduce red wine into your diet for less. Purchase in crates from your wine supplier and enjoy your own Parisian good health. Just don’t drink too much; otherwise, you’ll lose the benefits.

The Big C

It’s no surprise that drinking too much increases your risks of developing cancer. Heavy drinkers (four or more drinks every day) are five times more likely to develop cancer than moderate drinkers (one or two drinks). Moderate how much you drink and give yourself days off. Although alcohol can be beneficial, when used unwisely, it can be exceptionally detrimental to your health.