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Extreme Body Make-Over in a 45 Minute Wrap



Millions of consumers feel self-conscious about their physical appearances. Puberty, aging, large muscle increase, and gaining or losing weight can leave marked, dry, and slackening or sagging skin. These are body conditions you would be unpleased to look at. There can be many ways of eliminating it through invasive and noninvasive techniques.

However, surgical costs can be depressing, so, natural ways of minimizing cellulite appearances while moisturizing the skin have been developed.

The product of years of research and experiments made by Don VerHulst, M.D is a 45-minute body wrap known as The Ultimate Body Applicator. It is a nonwoven cloth infused with a botanical formula that can tighten, tone, and firm the skin. It also minimizes cellulite appearances while improving skin texture. Add to that the body wrap is a non-invasive technique that can give results as quick as 45 minutes.

How does the body applicator work?

The body applicator’s goal is to make everybody feel good and confident about themselves in a natural way. The major advantage of the body wrap that has gained attention to many users is that it can give “seen results” immediately. It fosters skin rejuvenation and detoxification that will make a person look good and feel better.

It is an alternative to plastic surgery that used the most advanced nutrition to “feed the skin with nutrients it needed to renew and revitalize on its own”. Naturally, the skin aged wherein the new skin grows outwards and dies, then peel off. Since the applicator is induced with natural ingredients it “turn back the hands of time” and nourish the skin to increase the rate of skin regeneration. In other words the applicator functions to:

  • Enhance the skin’s ability to generate a basal layer.
  • Process quick and healthy new skin production
  • Make the skin elastic and reduce lines and cellulite appearances.

The ingredients of the body applicator target triglyceride hydrolysis that breaks down excess cells and inflamed fatty tissue resulting in the proper opening of the interstitial fluid/lymphatic channels to process local detoxification and decrease inflammation. Local detoxification will minimize cellulite, lines and wrinkles and less saggy skin.

Skin is the largest organ of the body, it has to be nourished and revitalized. There can be many ways of sustaining healthy skin yet the body applicator speeds up the process. As fast as 45 minutes you can see results but it is recommended that it should not be used more than every 72 hours.

The ultimate body applicator is enhanced with nutrients to facilitate detoxification while helping to remove fat and potentially losing a few inches. However, no one must be dependent on this innovation. You may feel good applying the body wrap yet it should be supported by healthy lifestyles such as a healthy diet and regular exercise. Minimal stress level and optimism can delay the acidification of the body while promoting healthier living.