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Exercise is Not Just for Guys or Young People Anymore



From a young age, we are taught by our doctors, peers, and families that we need to take care of our health and our bodies. One of the best ways to accomplish both tasks at the same time is to exercise. The mere mention of the word however may elicit a variety of reactions.  Some of us may be thrilled at the prospects this can bring on. Some may be doing it because it is a necessity not necessarily for enjoyment. Lastly, some of us may be terrified by even the thought of this activity. We all know the importance of the physical activity. This becomes even more important as we begin to age. Exercising for women over the age of 50 can be a very important part of their daily routine.

As a young child, many of us are first exposed to exercise through playtime with our parents and other adults and kids. All that jumping around and climbing that sometimes drives parents a little crazy is our first venture into this very important world. Once we reach school age we are slowly introduced to more formal types of exercise, with a fair dose of playtime still mixed in. As we progress through the school there is less play involved and more focused on the types of exercise we need to do in order to reach either predetermined or personal goals.

If we enter the world of athletics we are introduced to very specific types of workouts designed to help us improve our flexibility and skills in our specific sport(s). Once we hit higher education things can become interesting. The athletes will continue with their strict training. However, most of us are once again left to our devices when it comes to workouts. In some cases, this could be a good thing. In others, we may find it’s a bit of a struggle without a formal setting.

As we begin to age, exercise takes on a very important role with regards to our health. Some women may use it to keep themselves as physically and mentally fit as ever. Others may need to rely on it to recover from injuries. Still, others may need to begin a regimen in order to combat certain illnesses. The common thread in all of these cases is that we need to listen to our bodies a little closer than we did when we were younger.

For women that are approaching or have already achieved the milestone of age 50, exercise becomes even more crucial. Even the smallest of movements, like flexing a certain muscle, can be very beneficial. Beyond the physical aspects of flexibility, strength, and range of motion, there are other aspects to consider. Certain forms of exercise can be used to reduce stress. Others can be used to increase memory and concentration skills. These are just some of the benefits of staying active and doing exercises for women over 50. No matter what your skill level or health always consult with your physician before beginning any type of regimen. Make sure that your muscles are properly warmed up and cooled down to avoid injury. Overall no matter your age try and enjoy yourself as you exercise. This will not only makes the time go by faster but also encourages you to continue. Be safe and enjoy!