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Great Way to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally



Many people around the world are anxious about their blood pressure levels. This malady has scurried the old and adults alike. But when you talk of treating or reducing blood pressure, the answer lies mostly in nature which has hidden many wonderful herbs and foods with it to save mankind from the dreaded diseases like high blood pressure.

Have you come across lycopene anytime? If you have chanced upon green salad added with freshly cut tomatoes, then chances are that you have not only obtained a healthy dose of this powerful antioxidant, but you have actually additionally taken significant action towards reducing your blood pressure. Research performed in Israel has shown that what heart-healthy Italians have actually added to their delicacies for centuries – tomatoes (and tomato sauce) are one of the chief foods to lower blood pressure and heart problems.

Because they contain lycopene, tomatoes are so effective at lowering blood pressure that you can see a significant reduction in blood pressure within 4 weeks, says Dr. Esther Paran the head of the research group. Besides these various other anti-oxidants located in tomatoes make this super-food a heart disease buster. It could also assist in keeping the LDL cholesterol from oxidizing thus in turn helping it to reduce the bad HDL cholesterol which makes the arteries clog and causes heart diseases in an early stage.

Also in the course of days, it would be weird and inconvenient to eat around 4 tomatoes each day, which is the advised amount for having a good dose of lycopene to counter blood pressure. Below are some methods to receive the advantages of tomatoes without needing to eat them directly off the vine.

1. Using Tomato Puree – Tomato puree, which is undoubtedly the most concentrated and pure form of tomatoes, as the foundation for your chili pastes is far advantageous for getting these anti-oxidants without the bulk use of an entire tomato. Include this with substantial amounts of kidney beans with minced garlic clove, and cayenne pepper and you have a heart-healthy cocktail for a full day’s allowance.

2. Olive Oil Tomato chili paste – Moreover you can add olive oil with the tomatoes which enhance the cholesterol-fighting of tomato puree or sauce as Olive oil is quite known to be a good cholesterol fighter. Tomato paste used in making sauce consists of greater than 10 times the nutrients of a solitary tomato.

3.Tomato Juice.- It is far better to make your own fresh juice so that you can easily control the sodium and toxic additives added to preservatives in case of packaged and canned tomato puree.

So add tomatoes to your diet plan could lessen the chance of your anxiety with blood pressure and at the same time spice up your health.