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Heart Diseases Cases in Women – Things That You Should Know Today



Changes in lifestyle can cause many health-related issues, which can vary severe at times. You can cautious and protect yourself from any type of disease that can impact you. Pollution, eating habits, and stress life have impacted children as well. The heart-related issue is considered to be one of the most serious issues.

If you are suffering from this issue, then it is recommended to get yourself medically checked up.  You might have to follow a strict course of treatment and have medicines on a regular basis.

Heart disease is most common among women. Research has proved that alone in the United States at least one in every four to five women is found to be suffering from deadly heart disease.

Symptoms and signs of heart disease

 There are visible symptoms of this disease. Many times, you cannot detect this disease very easily. It is thus important to have the basic idea of this disorder so that they can proper steps at the right time. It will also help them to start the treatment at an earlier stage so that they face no major complications.

Some of the common symptoms of heart disease are as follows –

  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Pain in chest and sometimes tight or crushing pain
  • Dizziness and sweating
  • Shortness of breath
  • Coughing, sometimes with blood
  • Fatigue and weakness due to insufficient oxygen supply
  • Stomach pain and indigestion

If you observe any of these symptoms, then it is recommended to consult a physician, without wasting any time. They might suggest a series of test, so as to understand the severity of the issue.

Understanding the Anatomy of the heart:

The heart plays a vital human organ and needs to be in proper working order. It is basically a muscle that helps in pumping oxygenated blood all through your body. It supplies blood to each organ and cell.

They are made up of chambers, which open and close frequently while pumping.  This helps in blood circulation throughout the body. Irregular pumping indicates that your heart is not functioning well and it needs care.  Your heart pump every minute, which means gallons of blood, is circulated all over your body.

Tips to keep your heart young

  • Every woman should take deep breaths once in a day. The best time is morning time for deep breaths as the air is fresh and free from dust particles. By doing this women will feel relaxed and it will also help in reducing the stress to a larger extent.
  • Exercise is best for every woman whether she is suffering from heart diseases or not. She can go for exercises like walking, meditation, swimming, jogging, and others. Exercise regularly so that your heart is young and healthy.
  • If a woman cannot do any of the above-mentioned exercises she can just go outdoors and enjoy the fresh air.
  • Weight control plays an important role in controlling heart diseases. They should work towards reducing their weight in the best possible manner
  • Diet should include nutritional foods like citrus fruits, leafy green vegetables, white meat, and milk.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking completely. This will keep her healthy for a longer time
  • Get yourself check-up regularly, so that you will a better understanding of your health-related issue
  • It is necessary to avoid junk, fast, and oily food as they have a high percentage of cholesterol. Include lots of skimmed milk products as they don’t have any fats
  • Salt can be dangerous, so it is necessary to control them.