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What’s Your Workout Style?



It’s almost impossible to avoid seeing the images of celebrities emerging from the gym in super-tight leggings and not a trace of sweat, but this couldn’t be further from the grim reality of a post-treadmill session look.

But whatever your workout methods, we all have a different style of clothing and appearance that works best for us.

The Competitive Roadster

These racy runners relish a challenge. They are almost always in training for an event and set daily targets, whether that be for a marathon race or a hill cycling challenge. For this look, the key is to wear a pair of sporty sunglasses, ideally with iridium lenses. Adidas sunglasses, as seen on Olympic stars, Bradley Wiggins and Victoria Pembleton, would be ideal. The emphasis is on functionality, not fashion.

The Yummy Mummy

Yummy mummies. The term has become synonymous with coffee shop regulars who natter away with their well-groomed lady friends whilst their children run riot and draw on the walls with crayons. To qualify for the title of ‘yummy mummy’ one must attend the gym regularly (or at least wear gym clothes to create the effect). Avoid changing out of these clothes to impress all friends and passers-by who will admire your fitness dedication. The clothes involve super-tight leggings, fairly scruffy trainers (they must look well-used), and a zipped fleece jacket. With a coffee in hand, you’re ready to go.

The Hardcore Health Fanatic

Unlike the yummy mummy, the health fanatic relishes any opportunity to exercise. Their goal is not simply to look better but to feel better and be better. These ladies will not be seen on the cross-trainer but instead set targets of hour-long sessions on the treadmill followed by some hardcore weight training. For this, clothing must emphasize your dedication and not look as though you have tried too hard to impress others. T-shirts once worn for your charity marathon runs are ideal.

The Yoga Enthusiast

Yoga enthusiasts may be seen as the wet blankets of the fitness world by the health fanatics. However, these chilled-out ladies will be able to bend further than the health fanatics can run. For this style, the key is to wear a pair of tight leggings with leotard or tank top. Finish with sweatbands and bare feet to complete the look. As soon as you leave the gym hall, slip on a pair of oversized dark sunglasses for some classic yoga chic.

So as you pull on your workout gear, have a think about which style defines you and what this could mean for your workout…