Where to Find Fitness Friends

Making a new friend for any activity can be tough, especially when you’re looking forfitness friend who will keep you motivated to keep working out and losing weight.

Going to Starbucks probably wont work and interupting someone on the treadmill at the gym probably isin’t the best way either.

Because of this we have compiled the best ways to meet friends online, whether that is for a fitness friend or to find another person to discuss diets with, that’s up to you.


You can start by checking out http://cliqflip.com CliqFlip is a new social network for meeting new people based off your interests. It’s currently in beta so you might have to wait a couple days before you can start using it but, when you get in, it will be a rich source of local people around you with the same interests that you can start building relationships with right away. You can use this to find local people looking for a fitness friend or any of your interests that you might be interested in connecting with someone on.


Next is http://meetup.com . It’s a great resource if you actually want to take the energy of going out and start actively meeting new fitness friends. Attending a meetup is generally like attending a event with a whole bunch of people who have the same interests as you. So it will start with a speaker or in this case it might even be a boot camp where everyone is working out. After the event is over you can start talking with everyone and potentially make some new friends.


You probably have some friends who are in the same position as you looking for a fitness partner to help keep them motivated long-term and most people are more comfortable trying to go through their friends first so this is a great way to kick off the new you.

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