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Ways to Direct Children Towards Exercise and Fitness Activities as Play



One of the most common problems associated with children today is obesity. Children are growing over-weight due to poor eating habits and spending more time on the computer and video games after school. If you are a parent, you should know that when these obese children turn into obese adults they are prone to heart and lung diseases. The amount of high sugar in canned food and cheese in processed food affects their neurological functioning as well. As a parent, you can teach your children to eat healthy food. You can also make them abandon poor eating habits.

If you are annoyed with your child’s poor eating habits, a few tricks and tips are useful for you.

Role modeling

Most of the habits children develop come from their parents. You can role model to modify their behavior. Two factors are most evident in children’s obesity: first- Poor eating and second- Decreased activity. You have to tackle both things simultaneously and seriously. You can take the help of your spouse for the future of your healthy family.

Eating habits

The first thing you can do is to take a vow to end the trend of going out for eating. You can take the help of the internet to educate your children about the health benefits of green veggies and fruits as a play. You should involve your children in cooking so that they understand things more clearly. You should also teach them that the harmful cooking oils in your processed food at drive-thru are harmful to health. You can also teach them the ideal food proportions as recommended by nutritionists and health experts.

You can also teach them about alternate eating for example teach them to prefer milk and water to sodas and other energy drinks filled with additives and preservatives. You can teach them to consumed baked chicken and fries in the right proportions set according to their age. Finally, healthy eating is not a matter of days and months, it is a lifestyle. Do not think of abandoning it.

Physical activities

Instead of dragging them towards your lawn or park for physical activities, start over with yourself. Role model physical sports in front of them and tell them that it was fun. You can make plans and set challenging targets according to their age. You can also decide to reinforce any member of the family who completed any of the targets first. You can also plan to go for cycling and other outdoor sports to keep them involved.

How to handle your obese child

Care should be taken in case of an obese child. He will be shy at first to get started. As a parent, you should encourage their physical activity no matter how slowly they did it the first time. You should also ensure that nobody makes fun of them, it will demotivate them.