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4 Crucial Ways To Be Fit Without Going To Gym



From the evolution of humankind, both men and women are trying their level best to enhance the inborn beauty. Mild exercises and various meditation techniques were the most popular figure maintaining techniques used by our ancestors. The concept of Gym is as old as human civilization.

From the ruins of Mohenjo-Daro, Harappa, and Mesopotamia, a number of proofs that pertain to the common fitness room cemented the belief that the gym concept is not a product of modern human beings. Today, the gym is a routine visiting place for modern citizens. However, many research studies state that disorganized fitness training or intense exercises may cause serious negative effects.

This article throws light into some vital factors that will help you earn a beautiful structure using a treadmill installed in your home.

  • Balanced running exercise
  • Walking exercise
  • Breathing exercise
  • Temperature regulation

1.  Balanced Running Exercise

Running is one of the effective exercises that can vanish a great proportion of calories from your body within a less period. It is important to analyze your requirements first before you start running. You have to consult your doctor to understand your blood pressure and pulse rate.

If you suffer from hypertension, it is important to check your cholesterol level before proceeding for running exercise. A hard task can cause severe damage to the heart muscles and may cause myocardial infarction. The first target is to set the pulse goal. That is if your normal pulse rate is 72, then while running it should be around 120 – 140 range. To find the best treadmill for home use you can visit a local health store or search on the internet. However, before starting balanced running it is important to consult a physiotherapist or a physician to streamline the treadmill speed according to the pulse rate.

2.  Walking Exercise

Studies show that you can lose more calories by walking effectively than outdoor running. The air pollution in the major tier 1 cities has increased by 13% in the recent decade whereas tier 2 cities acquired a 15%. When we run or walk in the outdoors, the breath rate increases, and our lungs absorb 200% pollution than usual. A frequent runner or walker in tier 1 and tier 2 cities may develop minor ailments in the first 4 years and on continuation 8% of them may develop serious disorders including cancer, asthma, and cerebral-vascular disorders. Indoor walking can help you reduce your calories and fat contents in the adipose tissues. The only requirement is to procure a treadmill. Today, you can find the best treadmills under 1000 dollars.

3. Breathing Exercise

Breathing exercise can strengthen your lungs and diaphragm. For a better result, breathing exercises must carry out along with minor or major physical tasks.

The importance of breathing exercises

A weight lifter requires strong breathing capacity to deliver maximum performance. Swimming, running and a number of athletic activities require strong lung capacity. Studies show that breathing exercises can improve blood circulation, sphincter balance, and immunity.

How to do breathing exercises?

Breathing exercise can do along with usual exercises like pull-ups, pushups, walking, and running.  Walking and running are the preferred combination of exercises for breathing exercises. If you are an athlete, then you can procure any of the best folding treadmill available in the health market, as folding treadmills will help you do your favorite exercises anywhere at any time.

4. Temperature Regulation

You may have heard about different slimming belts and suits that can reduce fat with the help of heat. However, the theory is not accurately perfect, as the external heat liberation cannot reduce the fat.

Our skin contains 70% of water content and when there is a temperature variation, it starts to liberate sweat to maintain the temperature balance. As more intracellular water turns into sweat, the particular body portion may instantly show a weight or virtual fat reduction by one or two inches. Meanwhile, the liberated extra heat may damage our internal organs, especially the pancreas, and may reduce the production of insulin.

The best way to reduce weight is to regulate the temperature by doing exercise. It is interesting to know that certain workouts in treadmills can reduce your weight up to 5 kg at a time! Temperature regulation is the key factor behind this amazing phenomenon. You can do it by increasing and reducing the speed of the treadmill as per the advice of an expert. An expert may check your BMI and will help you set the speed ratio at which you will be able to effectively increase or decrease the internal and external temperature of your body to a specific limit.

Procuring the best treadmill for home use will help you earn admirable physic without visiting a Gym.