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Right Effort And Advice – The Two-Fold Path To Effective Treadmill Workouts



A treadmill will serve a great many different purposes. Whether you are interested in burning up fat, increasing your endurance, or becoming a better-conditioned athlete, a treadmill just might be the perfect piece of exercise equipment to work out on. The one thing to be mindful of, however, is you need to make the most out of your workout sessions. Never sleepwalk through a treadmill session.

Put the Best Effort Forward

Is it difficult to push yourself to have a great treadmill workout? The answer is no….provided you have a few insights into how to maximize your sessions on the treadmill. Often, making a few minor alterations to your workout program can deliver amazing results.

The key here is effort. Remember what Joseph Pilates said: “Physical fitness can neither be achieved by wishful thinking nor outright purchase.”

The Steps for Better Treadmill Workouts

  • Try to maintain a pace that is slightly faster than your normal walking speed. If you commonly walk at 3.0 mph you could always increase your standard pace to about 3.5 mph. This might not seem like a lot and, in truth, it is not all that great of an increase. However, you will experience far greater cardio and conditioning improvements than would be the case if you were to walk at the same, traditional pace over and over again.
  • Do a little research into intermediate and advanced workouts once your initial cardio level has improved. Don’t rush into the more challenging workouts too soon because this can be self-defeating. Your body just might not be up to the task. However, once the time is right to do things at a faster and more challenging pace, do so.
  • At the core of any cardio workout is a desire to lose weight through fat burning. While exercise does burn up a lot of calories, you must help the process a bit by making appropriate nutrition choices. Running on an empty stomach will certainly help your body target stored fat since you would not be burning new calories. Rather, it would be drawing its calories from the stored fat you have on your frame.
  • If you do eat prior to getting on a treadmill, you may wish to avoid eating carbs unless you are interested in a conditioning or endurance type workout. You might have noticed some treadmill reviews point this out. Through avoiding carbs, you will have a decent amount of calories in your system for your workout but you will not be burning up sugars for energy. Rather, you will enhance your fat-burning potential since there is little glycogen to burn.
  • Performing lunges – forwards and backward — on a treadmill may not be the easiest thing to do but it can contribute great rewards to the process. Namely, it can strengthen up the legs and the core muscles. You do need to perform such exercises when the treadmill is operating at a slow pace and once you have gained a sufficient amount of experience working out on a treadmill. Consider this an intermediate level conditioning exercise. Carol Welch said, “Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional, and mental states.” Why not make that added movement lunges?
  • You may wish to add a playlist of inspirational songs to an iPad or MP3 player. Don’t laugh at such a notion. Having the right “tunes” to listen to when you are exercising on your treadmill can be among the best ways to ensure you have a fun and invigorating session. It also helps eliminate boredom which means you will be less inclined to cut your exercises short.

The Last Great Tip – You Must Be Consistent

No matter what your goals from your workouts maybe, they will be forthcoming providing you are consistent and seek to maximize the benefits of your workout sessions.