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Tips on When To Ditch Your Workout Gear



Working out in gear that is too old can actually be rather bad for your body. Shoes that are worn out could cause you to roll your ankle or experience pain in your arches. Top-notch gear makes it easier to work out, and it also makes it safer. You need to know when to get rid of your old gear and replace it if you want to safely get into shape.

Getting New Shoes

As far as shoes are concerned, many runners operate under the basic idea that they will need new shoes every 10-12 months if they are running three times a week. Those who run five or more days a week often get new shoes every six months. This rule is not perfect since the distance that you run and the type of terrain that you are on make a difference, but it works well for most people.

You can also see some damage to your shoes. If there are any holes at all, it is time to replace them since the integrity of the support structure has been compromised. You should also look at the tread. As it begins to wear off of the shoe, you may feel a lack of arch support and a lack of traction. When the shoes begin to look smooth, you need a new pair.

Replacing Your Socks

It is fairly clear that you will need new socks when they start to show holes. This is especially true for compression socks, which need to be tight in order to promote fast blood flow to your feet. However, you also need to think about the way that the socks feel when you wear them. Do they ever slide around or move in a way that does not match the motion of your foot? Your socks should be firm and tight as if they were just another layer of skin, so it is good to replace them if they get stretched out.

Shirts that Do Not Hold Moisture

Many workout shirts are designed to hold moisture. This reduces the amount of sweat on your exposed skin, something that can be very helpful when you exercise. If the shirt no longer absorbs sweat like it used to, you may need another one.

New Gear is Worth the Cost

Remember that new gear is worth the price. Do not risk it and work out in damaged and worn-out equipment. You need to do what is necessary to keep from becoming injured while exercising.