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What Should You Eat And Why Before A Long Distance Run



While a lot more people now run as part of their exercise and health regime, the rest of us only tend to do so if we get involved in a fun run or a charity run. If you plan on running for the charity then you need to train well before the day and make sure that you eat the right types of food.

Regular runners know that they need to keep their energy up, especially if they have taken on a 5krunand they will make sure that they eat the type of food that gives them a slow energy release. Regular runners know that the right kind of diet is vital if they are to succeed in what they are doing.

Types of Food Runners Should Eat

 Regular and professional runners know that eating the right kind of food is a vital factor in how they perform. If you want to make money for a favorite cause, then you need to eat the right foods as they will help you to finish your charity run. Those people who are not used to running distances need to prepare themselves well before they entertain something as long as a 5krun.  Practice running for three or four weeks before the big day, increasing your distance every couple of days.

You will need a substantial amount of carbohydrates for energy, but don’t think that bread will do, not all carbohydrates offer the same benefits. If you are running then you don’t want a quick energy burst, you need what is referred to as slow-release carbs because they continue to give you the energy that you need. Eat eggs, porridge, fruit, and green leafy vegetables among other things, while you are training.

Experts are of the opinion that people who are running need to eat a diet that is between 65 and 70% carbohydrates. Most runners will eat a lot of carbohydrates until the week before a big run and then they will cut back on them to avoid gaining too much weight. On the morning of a race, you should drink plenty and eat between two and three hundred calories. You should tailor your eating according to how much you train and run,

Foods are rated on what is known as the glycaemic index and you should choose certain foods to eat before a race, foods such as bananas, nuts, and fruit juices are good before a race. Porridge is also good before a race because it releases energy slowly, as you need it. Eat small meals before a race, skimmed milk is good along with a banana, too much food in your stomach is not a good idea when you are running

Make sure that whatever you eat on the day of the race is low in GI, quick fuel carbohydrates; otherwise, you will get off to a good start and lose your energy before the end of the race.