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Getting Ready For The Big Day The Healthy Way: How NOT To Get Sick On Your Wedding



Getting ready for the big day the healthy way: how not to get sick on your wedding

Excitement and stress

Perhaps, you might think these two opposite feelings never intersect.

But the truth is, they do!

Think about your wedding day. It’s just a few days away. Are you feeling excited but can’t let go of the uncontrollable stress? That’s when you are mixed up with both the extreme feelings. And that’s when you need to take care of your sanity.

While you’re working harder getting all things done before the big day including visiting a quality website and knowing about your weight loss options, it’s no surprise that overstressing even on the little things may affect your health. But why take the risk of getting sick as a bride?

To ensure the signs of sudden sickness don’t ruin your most special moments, taking care of your health is worth it.

Not sure exactly how?

Following these tricks will only take a few minutes.

Introduce Probiotics Into Your Diet

Getting ready for the big day the healthy way: how not to get sick on your wedding

Probiotics are said to enhance the immunity of the body. Thus, they combat various diseases. So, there is a valid reason to ditch processed food and get going with foods that consist of probiotics.

Wash Your Hands

Expect yourself to be meeting different people in a limited time period – the personal stylist, the photographer, the caterer, the florist, and the list goes on. As you enter their office, you’ll unknowingly be exposed to millions of germs (for instance, through the doorknobs, the chair handles, and escalator rails).

As a bride-to-be, it’s not wise to take the risk of unintentionally touching these public surfaces and going back home without even washing your hands!

To avoid an instant attack of germs leading to illness, always keep a hand sanitizer in your bag. Along the way, make sure you don’t touch your eyes, mouth, and nose. As soon as you enter your home, wash your hands for at least twenty seconds. This will help you stay away from illnesses that are caused by the spreading of these germs.

Don’t Skip Multi-Vitamins

Shopping, finalizing the venue, selecting bridesmaids’ dresses, trying the stilettos – what if you’ve planned to complete this to-do list within a single day?

If you’re a perfectionist, chances are you love to do all this the same day. But remember that this hectic schedule is draining your energy, and even taking away that bridal glow off your face. Plus, you may suffer from exhaustion that may also turn into high fever.

To avoid such a scenario, maintain the intake of multivitamins. Though there are various over-the-counter vitamins available at drug stores, it’s important to ask your health practitioner about the multivitamin that suits you the most.

Based on your age, health conditions, and lifestyle, they’ll suggest you the one that lifts you up.

Stay Fit

Perhaps, you’ve joined a gym already. After all, you want to be sure you look gorgeous in one of the wedding dresses, bridal gowns, wedding gowns from Azazie. However, there is something else you should know about exercising: it boosts immunity – thereby decreasing the chances of getting sick on the wedding day.

While you’ve got the gym membership, the pre-wedding days may often not allow you to hit the gym daily. Still, you can compensate for this without entirely quitting your workout routine: when you’re done with shopping, head to the nearby park instead of going back home.

Stay Away From Toxic People

Perhaps, they’re your distant relatives or a few coworkers who just can’t help envying you! Relax. Not everyone is your bestie. Though this doesn’t mean you should boycott them, keeping a distance is definitely a healthier alternative. Otherwise, you may end up suffering from anxiety.

If you come across them at a friend’s party, greet them nicely without going into a long discussion. And then, join your friends.