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2013 Fashion Relaxes Into Summer – Yoga Chic Has Arrived



An article looking at upcoming summer fashions for women, with an emphasis on the more relaxed looks coming out in the coming months. The focus is on relaxed styling this year and the article recommends how to wear the look, fabrics, and design details to look out for.

Ladies fashion wear is relaxing into summer and what better way to get into the mood than cool cotton and flowing garment lines. Cotton is a traditional summer fabric, but every year there’s a new way to wear it from crisp linens to fine Egyptian cotton. So what’s so different about this year’s trends?

Yoga Chic

This year, dresses are yoga chic. You don’t need to do yoga in order to make the most of the look, as it’s flattering and beautifully comfortable to wear. Yoga chic can be dressed up for evenings, or used as relaxing daywear, without letting you down on either front. We associate loungewear with a dress-down look, but darker palettes and heavier draping fabrics this year mean that yoga chic daywear can easily be transformed.

Capsule collections by a number of leading designers allow you to mix and match, layer, and swap up to your heart’s content. Neutral classic colors make some collections timeless, whilst other collections for the younger customer make eye-popping color splashes, which are great fun to wear.

What To Look Out For

Modal is being used widely in more elegant pieces, as it hangs well and adds weight to garments. Dresses with a high modal to cotton ratio are best for eveningwear for this reason. Ladies’ loungewear has never been more stylish.

The maxi dress is here to stay, so look out for some boho-chic twists this year, with embroidery and stitching detail foregrounded over bright colors.

Long peasant blouses are big this year. Pure cotton and shorter sleeves will please some but not all. For an alternative lookout for a soft jersey with slim fit long sleeves. The added length of the trendy peasant blouse makes them ideal as short dresses for beachwear.

Colors this summer pewter, gold, ivory, soft sea green. Natural shades are making a ‘back to basics’ comeback.

Leggings are now coming in ‘Stateside’ designs, which are gathered mid-calf. Look out for harem type leggings too remaining a striking and unusual look, with deep ankle cuffs worn with strappy flat sandals. With this new look, dresses and skirts are worn with leggings rather than as a separate item.

Design features slashed necklines, contrast stitching, uneven hems, palazzo trousers, racerback tops.

Yoga-Chic is an exciting new look this season and it looks to be here for the long haul. Versatile and easy to wear whatever your shape, it offers the holy grail of comfort combined with a relaxed young style. Celebrity take-up of yoga and pilates has driven the fashion trend and it chimes well with the back to basics simplicity feel that is still in the air. Get ready to ‘Salute The Sun’