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Keeping Your Family Healthy This Year



It can be challenging to ensure your family stays fit and healthy. As we fully well know once one member of the family catches a seasonal bug from school/work it doesn’t take long for the rest of the family to become infected. Precaution is the best form of attack, so here we look at what you and your family can do to keep you fit throughout the year.

Stay Active
With the allure of computer games and on-demand TV, it can be difficult to get family members up on to their feet and out of the house. To combat such an issue, partake in family activities which promotes participation by all family members. Walking is a fun way for family members to bond and stay active.

We are lucky enough to be blessed with both countryside and coastal walks in relatively close proximity to each other, so you shouldn’t find it too difficult to please everyone. Walking not take your fancy? Fear not. Most local authorities provide activity sessions from swimming to ice skating which usually has designated family sessions each day. These activities will not only bring you together but will enable everyone to control their weight and boost their immune system.

You Are What You Eat
Does it feel like there’s cold and flu symptoms in your house every other week? To boost the family’s immune system, firstly analyze what they are currently eating. It may be a case that your family is not consuming enough foods which contain valuable vitamins and minerals to fight off infection.

Government guidelines stipulate that everyone should be eating five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. This can at times seem difficult to undertake each day considering the varied palates of each family member, remember though these can come in a variety of forms. They can be blended, juiced, or even dried out. What every from the come in they will still contain the essentials to help fight infections.

Supplements For All the Family
If you’re finding it difficult to get the recommended nutrients into your diet, then you can always look to dietary supplements to solve the issue. From pycnogenol, capsules to help increase blood flow to Vitamin C to enable a healthy immune system. There are plenty of options available for family members of all ages to stay fit and healthy this year.

Personal Cleanliness
Coughing and sneezing, natural reactions which in many cases cannot be controlled. What can be controlled though is family members taking responsibility in keeping themselves clean? Germs can live on surfaces for up 12 hours. Think of work surfaces, mobile phones, and door surfaces. It only takes one person to make contact with one of these to leave their mark. Drill on to the family how important it is to ensure they wash their hands. Have hand sanitizers in the kitchen, bathroom, and around the house to emphasize the importance. See how many working days are lost from here on.