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How to Create a Home Gym



A home gym can help you save a lot of money when it comes to paying out expensive gym membership fees. With a home gym, you also don’t need to travel anywhere, book yourself into any classes or wait for equipment in peak periods.

Here are ideas on how to create your very own gym at home.


The first thing is to find a space or make space in your home that will be dedicated to a gym and gym equipment. It’s not practical to use a room that is being used for something else as gym equipment is heavy and large and needs a permanent space.  You will also need to have space for your running, exercising, and training that is free from clutter and other furniture.
Use a spare study, bedroom, or games room as a gym, or if you haven’t got a dedicated space then consider building an extension or annex onto your home. You can use or build a garden room or even use a shed in the garden that you can put up cheaply. You could also use the garage if it’s clear.


The next thing is to create a motivational atmosphere and environment that will really help you to focus on your workout and keep you motivated throughout.
Have a good sound system so you can play loud music for your training and gym sessions and a varied playlist of different beat songs that you can switch around as well as a library of upbeat tunes.

It’s advisable to install a wall mirror or a large mirror along the whole wall in your home gym so that you can check your training and exercise positions and make sure that you are doing them correctly and also to avoid injury.

If you are training to home fitness DVDs in your gym, then invest in a large screen and DVD player so that you feel as though you are working out in a class.


Of course, getting the right equipment is really important so here are some ideas for what to have in your home gym. All of these pieces of equipment don’t need to be bought brand new. You can buy a range of equipment second-hand from acquaintances and friends or even from gyms that are looking to update their equipment and are selling old equipment off.  Second-hand websites and auction sites are also a great way to get a bargain on gym equipment.

Weights – Make sure that you have weights in some form or other in your gym to improve your tone, muscle, and endurance. They are also great to improve your fitness and you can buy a selection of different weights depending on your fitness level and the exercises you are doing. Weights are also versatile because you can use them in a variety of ways and in different exercises. Don’t forget a solid bench for weight training.

Kettlebells – Kettlebells are really popular now and can be used in a variety of ways to tone, improve core strength, and for fat burning.  Make sure that you have enough room to swing kettlebells around you and above your head.

Power rack – Power racks can be expensive and take up a lot of room, but if you’re serious about getting fit, a power rack should be part of your home gym. The power rack will enable you to do a number of training activities and will include a bench, weights, pulley attachments, and also racks for your barbells.

Cardiovascular machine – You should have at least one cardiovascular machine in your home gym for warming up and increasing your heart rate. Exercise bikes, steppers, or treadmills will all fit the bill depending on what you like to exercise on.

Again these machines can be expensive and take up room but a cardio machine will be a valuable piece of equipment to vary your workout, help you get fit, burn fat, and lose weight.

Other equipment – Think about other equipment that you can use in the gym. Medicine balls are excellent for a variety of core strength training and toning. A Swiss ball is also an excellent piece of equipment for abdominal and core strength exercises and to strengthen legs and arms. Resistance bands are great and simple to use for additional toning and strength in exercises and to focus on certain muscle groups.

Invest in some good floor mats for your home gym and always have a towel and bottle of water to hand.