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Seniors: Here’s What You Could Do If You Strength Trained



So many seniors don’t realize the benefits of strength training. They think just going for a walk will be enough to keep them in shape. I’m not here to tell you that you must strength train, but I thought that by listing some of the things you’ll be able to do if you start doing just 30 minutes of strength training, 4 times a week, I could help seniors start to see the benefits of strength training.

So, seniors, here are 32 activities you could do if you started strength training…

1. Reach the top shelf

2. Reach the bottom shelf

3. Play tag with your grandkids

4. A somersault

5. Climb stairs easily

6. Go hiking with your daughter

7. Push your grandkids on the swing

8. Help your son move

9. Eat birthday cake without feeling guilty

10. Play catch with your grandkids

11. Teach your grandkids how to do a cartwheel

12. Defend yourself if you’re attacked

13. Perform a better, stronger golf swing

14. Spend longer in your garden

15. Yoga

16. Sleep better

17. Throw your baby grandson in the air

18. Dance Gangnam-style

19. Not worry as much about having to do things on your own (regain your independence)

20. Impress your son-in-law by reeling in the biggest catch of the day

21. Intimidate your son-in-law if he steps out of line (just kidding!…sort of…)

22. Help chase after your granddaughter’s escaped pet hamster

23. Be able to hold a conversation while strolling with your gal pals

24. Take your granddaughter shopping (and maybe try on a few cute outfits yourself!)

25. Play football with your sons

26. Chop wood for the woodstove at Christmas

27. Dance salsa on Mexican night

28. Hold your own in a fight

29. Climb a tree to rescue your granddaughter’s cat

30. Lift the bed so that you can vacuum underneath

31. Open that stubborn jar of jam

32. Whizz through crossword puzzles and Sudoku (studies show exercise improves your cognitive ability)